The 10 Inspiring Business Women Leaders of 2022

Entrepreneurs with high emotional intelligence can leverage empathy, problem-solving and social skills to develop solutions, forge meaningful relationships and ultimately establish themselves in the crowd.

Cynthia L Gibson
Cynthia L Gibson: Powerhouse Lawyer turned Exceptional Businesswoman
Business leaders today must navigate complex and dynamic situations. Great ...
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Dr. May Ikeora
Dr. May Ikeora: A Womanpreneur taking Beauty and Empowerment on the Global Stage
Women today are more willing than ever to act as ...
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Anne Sophie Tourrette
Anne Sophie Tourrette: A Veteran Leading with Astute Finance Strategies
In an executive world that is largely controlled by men, ...
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Michelle Gilliam
Michelle Gilliam: Exhibiting Proficient Leadership in Media and Information Management
Leadership in the media sector involves wearing numerous hats while ...
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Amy Buynoski
Amy Buynoski: Fostering Positive Work Culture with Headstrong Leadership
A role of a leader is vital in promoting a ...
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Pamela D. Kurt
Pamela D. Kurt: Inculcating Passion-Driven Leadership with Determination and Vision
“Passion is a necessary ingredient in leadership.” The statement stands ...
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