Kristina Rogic: An Inspirational Trailblazer Bridging Underlying Gaps within Entertainment Industry

Kristina Rogic

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Entrepreneurs with high emotional intelligence can leverage empathy, problem-solving and social skills to develop solutions, forge meaningful relationships and ultimately establish themselves in the crowd. In addition, it also helps enhance communication skills and bridge the underlying gaps within the business niche. 

When Kristina Rogic (Founder and CEO) established Lock & Key Entertainment, she aspired to bridge the gap between talent and opportunities. Kristina always knew that she would become an entrepreneur. She procured vast corporate experience through the guidance of mentors, applying ‘trial-and-error’ policy, and learning from her experiences. 

How it all began?

Kristina commenced her journey as a rap/hip-hop artist. Soon, she realized the lacuna within the industry—people brimming with questions about the industry had no clear answers. As a result, she decided to establish a company to help provide those answers and guide artists to their professional success. 

However, she soon observed that greed and self-interest restrained people from sharing their knowledge and networks with beginners which left aspiring artists at a loss on how to begin their journey. Kristina wanted to ensure that the beginner artists had a trusting resource to go to, which holds no judgment, provides sound options to kickstart their paths, and most importantly, creates a feeling of safety.

One-Stop-Shop for Entertainment

First launched in 2016, Lock and Key Entertainment was officially incorporated in 2019. Kristina yearned for a company name that represented safety and reliability. “My sister named the company, which makes it very dear to me. Since my nickname is Keys, Lock & Key Entertainment was born,” she mentions. 

Lock and Key Entertainment is a one-stop-shop for everything entertainment. The company collaborates with every form of artist—singers, actors, dancers, athletes, producers, editors, and many more. It also provides a wide range of services, including production, branding, and representation, and numerous departments within the company help address each client’s unique needs. The company helps provide the missing links—based on skills or talent—to help artists move forward in their careers. “If we cannot do it in-house, we provide a company or person that can,” adds Kristina. 

Addressing Important Roles at the Core

Being at the helm of the company, Kristina’s primary role is largely client management, marketing, branding, and investing. Additionally, she also undertakes the roles of a videographer, photographer, editor, agent, technician, accountant, and others.

Under her leadership, Lock and Key Entertainment has been honored with several awards and recognitions. One of the most notable feats of the company was being voted as the “Top Best Business Company” in 2020, which was a huge honor. The grand achievement in the middle of an ongoing global pandemic motivated the company to work even harder. Moreover, each of the company’s clients has successfully surpassed their goals and continues leveling up every day. 

Boosting Values Amidst Challenges

Surviving the pandemic was Lock and Key’s biggest achievement as all the physical jobs were suspended for its clients. The company started hosting online shows, podcasts, competitions, online productions, and learning new programs to enhance its visuals. Kristina mentions that reassuring each client that the company will survive the pandemic was the hardest job. 

As a resolute leader, Kristina firmly believes that it is critical to be aware of mental health. “No matter how hard it might be, there will be a better day, and you must convince each client that they are not alone,” she mentions. Although the aftermath of the pandemic has been impeding, Lock and Key Entertainment continually pushed its way through the hindrances. Moreover, the company also remained updated with worldwide events as a measure to help each of its clients. 

Leveraging Opportunities for Future

Lock & Key Entertainment and its clients Little Thunder Sound successfully launched multiple online shows that were aired on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch. Since the world quickly shifted to online platforms, the company had to learn and discover new marketing strategies while ensuring the fans’ entertainment. Lock and Key Entertainment is currently working with several more clients, branding them, and preparing them to launch their platforms in a couple of months. “I couldn’t be prouder of my team,” mentions Kristina. 

Kristina’s Pieces of Mind on Leadership

According to you, what are the essential qualities of an entrepreneur?

The current industry lacks leaders with empathy. Just because someone has a marvelous talent does not mean they believe in it as much as their fans do. A kind reminder is necessary and patience is a virtue. No one is perfect, and leaders tend to have slowly forgotten that. 

Being fierce is not always the answer when everyone has a heart. Leaders need to realize that they are not everyone’s superior, but rather an inspiration and motivation for their team to achieve a higher level. Why be a leader if you can’t lead someone to their happiness or dreams?

How do you prefer spending your time post-work?

Although I work every day, I prefer music as my main source of having fun with my team. Video games are my hour of relaxation. Yes, I’m a gamer! Gaming technology has advanced a lot since I was a child and I love watching its evolution. I also have a soft spot for gardening and taking care of plants with my mom. I always look forward to outings with both of my sisters and mom. I love my family. Scheduling everything can sometimes get messy. However, by the end of the day, everything is accomplished to move forward positively.

As a thriving entrepreneur, what would you like to convey to aspiring leaders?

My first piece of advice would be to not listen to negativity, either in-person or online. Before the pandemic, generally speaking, a lot of people would unintentionally place their focus on something that would only make them feel worthless or question if they are doing the right thing. In my opinion, it has only gotten worse. That being said, if you only focus on the negative, you would never have time to enjoy the quality that life provides: Beauty, Nature, Laughter, Love, and Unity. Always smile and make sure to carefully listen to every person you speak with. You never know what anyone has going on in their life. The last thing anyone needs to hear is “I told you so” or misunderstood for the pain that most are hiding. 

Secondly, I would advise being aware of opportunities and seeking as much knowledge as possible. My last piece of advice was from a mentor of mine and it changed my life forever. He once told me, “Don’t invest to make money. Rather, invest to make more time.” It was at that moment I realized what business was all about. Once you have more time, you can push on to other projects. I hope that quote helps other entrepreneurs as much as it did for me.

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