The 10 Influential Women in Tech, 2023.(vol-2)

If a person does not feel secure in a workplace, they will lack the willingness to propose new ideas, take a risk, or disrupt the status quo. Innovation is the doorway to success in tech, and strong, humble leadership is the key to opening that door.

Connie Ansaldi
Connie Ansaldi: Leading the Charge for Diversity in Tech
Historically, the technology industry has been dominated by men, resulting ...
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Marsha Young
Marsha Young: Redefining the Supply Chain Sector with Innovative Technologies
Innovation has been the most significant change in the food ...
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Selena Proctor
Selena Proctor: Shattering The Glass Ceiling For The Women Leaders Of Tomorrow
We all are aware of the women contributors of Marie ...
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Celeste Fralick
Celeste Fralick: Defying the Gender Gap in the STEM Field
It is stated that women in computing occupations peaked in ...
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