Connie Ansaldi: Leading the Charge for Diversity in Tech

Connie Ansaldi

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Historically, the technology industry has been dominated by men, resulting in a lack of representation and consideration for issues that disproportionately affect women. Women leaders, on the other hand, are playing a significant role in today’s techno-savvy world by introducing empathy as a key characteristic for high-performing teams. With their unique leadership abilities, they are promoting global diversity and inclusion. According to studies conducted by MSCI and the Harvard Institute, companies with women in top leadership positions outperform their peers. This is crucial not only from a moral perspective but also from a business standpoint. In this context, women leaders like Connie Ansaldi (CEO, Carnaval Art ) bring a unique perspective to the table. Her unwavering commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion has made her a respected figure in the innovation and technological industry.

“By advocating for change and raising awareness about these issues, we can help bring attention to the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace,” Connie says.

Improving Lives through Technology

Connie’s educational and professional journey is a testament to her determination and passion for building the future. Growing up as a member of Generation X, she did not have the internet. However, as technology advanced, she embraced it and subsequently helped others do the same. She has helped businesses and people adopt technologies since the mid-1990s, first in Web 1, then in Web 2, and now in Web 3.

As a leader and entrepreneur, Connie is committed to making a difference in people’s lives. She recognizes the same human desires and needs wherever she goes, inspiring her to keep pushing forward. Her efforts have already made a significant impact, and she has become a sought-after speaker around the world. She uses her platform to encourage others to pursue their dreams and aspirations, building a community of 3 million people that she supports and

motivates to reach their full potential. That earned her the nickname of Reinvention Queen. Carnaval Art: Revolutionizing the Art Market with Blockchain Technology

Established in 2021, Carnaval Art was born as a highly–curated NFT marketplace of Ibero-American artists secured on the Bitcoin blockchain network on the Rootstock sidechain. Then Carnaval pivoted to a B2B business model as a no code platform that reduces friction in the adoption of Web 3 and provides brands with tools to improve engagement with their customers. Carnaval Art is a loyalty ecosystem with its own blockchain, wallet, and portal.

Under the leadership of Connie and an amazing team of experts, Carnaval Art is becoming the go-to destination for brands looking to optimize, create or make their first moves with

their own loyalty programs. The team works with each client in an immersive and personalized way, ensuring that the strategy is aligned with their DNA and expectations.

Redefining Loyalty Programs with Personalized Strategies

Staying ahead of the competition in Web 3 and blockchain technology demands constant iteration with customers. What sets the company apart are its constant iteration, rapid learning, and forward movement and also the branding and marketing expertise of Carnaval’s C Level. It incorporates art as a differentiator in the process, allowing a variety of artists to create one-of-a-kind experiences. Its team is committed to listening to user feedback and learning how its customers adopt new tools. “When working on innovation, there is no benchmark: you are your own benchmark. And that is why it’s essential to pay close attention to user feedback,” adds Connie.

Navigating the Storm

As the CEO of Carnaval Art, Connie’s primary roles and responsibilities include forging alliances, defining the product, attracting customers, and making their value proposition visible. Her leadership abilities were put to the test in 2022, a challenging year for the crypto industry. Despite this, Connie was able to navigate the market uncertainty and emerge with a superior proposal, which was a significant accomplishment. Furthermore, she is also leading a Startups ecosystem called La dinner de los Founders, Contame un Secreto, a mental health initiative, and representing the number one Organizational Design Studio in Australia called Neu21.

Breaking Barriers and Empowering Women

Connie is leading the charge for gender equality in the tech industry. At Carnaval Art, the culture is one of perpetual learning, continuous iteration, and constant communication. With 50% of the team composed of women, the company values gender equality and encourages learning through hands-on experiences and open discussions.

However, the reality of gender disparity in the tech sector cannot be ignored. As per UN Women, only 7% of technology companies in the world are led by women, and a mere 3% of venture capital funding is allocated to companies led by women. Connie, as a CEO, is acutely aware of the problem and is determined to make a change. “Even if it is uncomfortable, we must bring this conversation to the table in order to make these issues visible to the decision-makers,” mentions Connie.

From Overcoming Prejudices to Leading in Innovation

Connie’s journey to becoming a successful leader has not been a cakewalk. According to her, one of the biggest hurdles she has had to overcome is other people’s prejudices and fear of the unknown. To overcome these challenges, she places a strong emphasis on education and

outreach. She also teaches blockchain technology to thousands of people. “If we can help them understand it, they stop fearing it, and therefore, can adopt it,” Connie suggests.

Juggling Work and Community Building

As the CEO of Carnaval Art, Connie’s work keeps her occupied, yet she enjoys community building. She spends a lot of time engaging with people and providing them with tools that add value to their daily lives. Apart from work, she loves traveling, exploring the world, and meeting new people.

Reveals Trends Driving the Future

According to Connie, three trends that will drive the future of tech are blockchain, artificial intelligence, and immersive technology.

● Blockchain technology has been gaining traction in recent years due to its ability to offer transparency, decentralization, and traceability in all kinds of operations.

● Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, has the potential to encompass everything and everyone until we can no longer distinguish humans from machines.

● Lastly, immersive technology is a new way of exchanging and living experiences.


Connie Ansaldi

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