Marsha Young: Redefining the Supply Chain Sector with Innovative Technologies

Marsha Young

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Innovation has been the most significant change in the food industry. The sector has witnessed a significant shift as a result of the wide range and possibilities available, including ethnic, health-conscious, and premium selections. Women are increasingly stepping up and occupying positions in the food industry by creating products or establishing businesses.

Marsha Young (CEO of My Chain & Associates LLC) is one of the prime examples of a woman thriving in the food industry with her adept acumen and prudent vision. A decorated name in the industry, Marsha is leveraging her extensive experience to steer the company toward growth. She has learned some exciting lessons throughout her journey. According to her, “The lesson is more meaningful if the obstacle is difficult. Learning financial savvy has been her biggest obstacle to date. If you know your numbers and can deliver them, Marsha claims, you can enter any room.”

Leading by Example

Marsha took the less beaten path, working and attending school concurrently. She has 20 years of supply chain experience, mostly in the food industry. She spent most of her time working for the second-largest food distributor, where she earned her BA, MS, and MBA as well as skills in finance, strategic sourcing, and commodity hedging. She spent the rest of her time building strong supply chain departments at small to medium-sized food producers, using the abilities she had learned.

Marsha is motivated by vibrant individuals who are constantly learning and striving to improve their lives and the lives of others around them. She is concentrated on cost reduction, process optimization, and strategic sourcing about all organizational supply chain requirements. She has made it her mission to increase competitive pricing through strong leadership and strict cost-control strategies.

She has been managing supply chains for more than 15 years and is a Seasoned Senior Procurement Leader. Moreover, with more than 10 years of experience in specialized procurement projects, she is well-equipped in project management, system optimization, and the development and application of tools for forecasting, capital expenditure, and inventory management.

A Full-Service Supply Chain

MY Chain is a Chicago-based full-service supply chain consulting firm. It provides 360-degree perspectives on the order-to-cash process. Its contribution to SCM can assist any firm in reducing lead time, accelerating product launches, expanding or entering new markets, effectively implementing premium pricing and product customization, and providing exceptional customer service.

What MY Chain Offers:

MY Chain is trusted by small businesses to develop, improve, and manage strategic sourcing, inventory management, logistics, customer service, and cyber security.

  1. Strategic Sourcing

For a company to utilize its combined purchasing power and align with the appropriate partner, the notion of strategic sourcing formalizes how information is gathered and used. MY chain’s strategic sourcing services assist businesses in maximizing their savings and achieving value.

  1. Inventory Management

Inventory management aids businesses in determining which merchandise to order when and in what quantities. Inventory is tracked from product acquisition to sale. MY Chain recognizes and reacts to trends to make sure there is adequate inventory to fulfill customer requests and that there is a timely notification when there is a shortfall.

  1. Logistics

Logistics is the cornerstone of any company’s supply chain. MY chain allows transfer efficiently, quickly, inexpensively, and reliably by controlling, coordinating, and monitoring the resources needed.

  1. Risk Management

Resilience in the company’s supply chain will be a key factor in its success and a selling feature for attracting and retaining customers. Companies can lessen the possibility and severity of any project’s hazards by using their risk management services. With the best course of action, MY Chain’s supply chain management services will help organizations optimize project outcomes.

  1. Customer Care

Customer service is the aid given to customers both before and after they buy and use goods or services. It makes clients’ interactions with the business simpler and more enjoyable. MY Chain offers top-notch customer service, which promotes customer retention and expansion.

  1. Cyber Security

A company cannot protect itself from online attacks without a cyber security plan, making it exposed to nefarious intruders. With MY Chain, businesses can now systematically protect all data types of loss and damage in the future.

Marsha’s Responsibility

Marsha’s primary responsibility is to make sure MY Chain develops and grows in a way that keeps true to its mission of creating efficient supply chains for small to medium-sized businesses. Additionally, allowing businesses to market their supply chain as a competitive advantage.

Current Scenario in the Industry

According to Marsha, social networking has caused a fundamental shift in how people shop. Consumers have no qualms about receiving food without having seen it. Entrepreneurs can do this to grow their brands, lower administrative costs, and use those resources to enhance their goods and services.

As per Marsha, there is currently a lot of uncertainty in the food market. The environment and customer shopping habits were altered by COVID.

The best advice she has ever heard or given is that a leader should always act in the organization’s best interests. She asserts, “There will always be challenges, but if you do what is best for the organization, you will ultimately gain the loyalty of your customer and the respect of your peers and employees.”


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