The 10 Influential CEOs of 2023

Jason Pearsall

Jason Pearsall: Visionary Leader Transforming Golf Course Management Through Software

Technology has improved the lives of everyone, and software is increasingly the catalyst in making it more convenient and cost-effective for businesses to operate and thrive in the 21st century.
Karl Friesenbichler: An Icon of Excellence driving Multifold Growth in the Warehouse Automation Industry
Meet the exhilarating leader and an A.I. nerd, Karl Friesenbichler, the CEO of ...
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Rui Martins
Rui Martins: A Trailblazer Revolutionizing the Fiber-Optic Network Industry
Meet the distinguished leader, Rui Martins, the CEO and Founder of ROUNDB. Covering all areas of ...
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Luke Whiting
Luke Whiting: The Serial Entrepreneur with a Mission to Empower Through Education
Mirror Review’s latest story sheds light on the life and ...
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Petteri Salonen
Petteri Salonen: A Determined Leader making a Difference in Energy Industry
In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, one must be ...
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