Rui Martins: A Trailblazer Revolutionizing the Fiber-Optic Network Industry

Rui Martins

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Meet the distinguished leader, Rui Martins, the CEO and Founder of ROUNDB. Covering all areas of fiber optic development with specialization and customer satisfaction, ROUNDB has marked its position in the telecommunications industry. A master of his trade, Rui is spearheading his company with leaps and bounds and envisions reaching the top of the pyramid in the near future. His sheer passion and dedicated principled work are helping him sail the many seas of success.

A Trailblazer in the World of Geographic Information Systems

Rui began his career with a degree in electrical engineering, and soon after graduation, he joined a Portuguese multinational company that introduced him to the world of Geographic Information Systems. This new area piqued his interest, and he quickly became a valuable asset to the company. He served the company for two decades, rising through the ranks and eventually becoming a business manager. He went on to manage other business areas before becoming Director of Telecommunications.

In 2015, Rui made the bold decision to leave his steady job and start his own company. In the first year, he provided consultation services for several companies. However, it was his exposure to the French market that sparked his interest. The French market was developing its fiber-optic networks, and Rui saw an opportunity.

Rui seized the opportunity and founded ROUNDB, a company dedicated to providing cutting-edge fiber-optic network solutions to clients across the globe. “It was too fast to realize that I was again starting an engineering project in this area with ROUNDB. From there on it was consolidation and growth,” Rui says.

Decoding ROUNDB

ROUNDB was founded in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2015, and began with small telecommunications projects in Portugal and France. Rui’s vision for ROUNDB was to create a turnkey project that included a fiber-optic network survey, planning, and design, allowing the company to establish a centralized office in Portugal capable of exporting globally.

The company’s mission is to provide services and relationships that promote well-being, create value, and ensure the sustainability of the business. It aspires to be the best option for customers, employees, and suppliers for the quality of its products, services, and relationships.

In 2017, ROUNDB won a crucial project that marked the start of an incredible journey. Today, the company has operations in seven countries, including the USA, UK, France, Spain, and Germany, and employs around 120 people.

ROUNDB is now a group of five companies, with headquarters in Portugal, France, and the United Kingdom. The group is divided into two activities, Telecommunications, and Real Estate Development, and has established itself as a leader in both fields.

Creating Value and Sustainability in the Telecom Industry

Under the visionary leadership of Rui, ROUNDB provides exclusive services and solutions that set it apart from its competitors in the telecommunications industry. The company specializes in planning and designing fiber optic networks and executes all phases of the chain, including survey, design, support, construction, and as-builts. It also offers consulting services, feasibility studies, and network optimization through intelligent tools that employ sophisticated algorithms for more complex operations.

ROUNDB primarily targets the telecommunications industry with a mission to become a global leader in planning and designing fiber-optic networks. The company developed intelligent analysis and design tools that optimize network planning and design, reducing construction costs for its clients.

While the company’s technical capabilities are impressive, it is the emphasis on communication, trust, quality, capacity, and deadlines that truly captivates its customers. The company’s motto “Once a client, a client forever” illustrates its dedication to customer satisfaction.

Building a Positive Work Culture

As the founder and CEO of ROUNDB, Rui shoulders the immense responsibility of leading a company that places a strong emphasis on internal labor and employee well-being. One of his most important responsibilities is to constantly attract business to support ROUNDB’s growth and retain its talented team.

Rui is passionate about creating a positive work culture where people can thrive and this is reflected in the various benefits and social initiatives that the company offers. “One of our main goals, and mine in particular, is to create an organization where people feel good,” adds Rui.

In recognition of ROUNDB’s achievements, the company has received numerous awards and accolades, including the PME Líder and TOP SCORING 5% awards. The company is also ISO 9001-2015 certified, demonstrating its commitment to quality and excellence. These honors are a source of great pride and motivation for Rui to keep pushing the company forward.

Leadership in a Changing World

Rui has a clear perspective on the current scenario of global business leadership. According to him, leadership needs to be inclusive, and based on principles of communication, trust, and accountability. He believes that we are in a different world now, with new variables such as globalization, telework, and a new mindset of younger workers who seek well-being as their first need.

Rui also emphasizes the importance of being proactive in a competitive business environment. However, he emphasizes that proactivity is not limited to external factors. It is more important to be proactive within the organization by supporting employee development and growth.

To stay relevant amidst changing leadership styles, Rui ensures that he gives the management team all the tools and includes them in a culture of sharing while maintaining rigor. Furthermore, he believes in incorporating new social benefits into the productive lines from the perspective of sharing and inclusion.

From the Boardroom to the Great Outdoors

Rui understands the importance of taking a break from the fast-paced corporate world to enjoy life beyond the office walls. He prioritizes his interests and hobbies, which include traveling, sports, reading, and spending quality time with his loved ones.

Maintaining a perfect work-life balance is crucial, and Rui achieves this by dedicating time to his personal interests, thus rejuvenating himself to return to work with fresh ideas and a clear mind.

Pearls of Wisdom

As an esteemed leader in the industry, Rui has some words of wisdom for budding entrepreneurs who aspire to excel in their careers. According to him, business success is primarily about investing in people, the real driving force behind any organization. “In this way, I suggest betting on the training of staff and setting an example,” asserts Rui.

Rui emphasizes the importance of having a clear vision and communicating it effectively to the entire team. He also highlights the significance of belief and resilience, as the road to success is often fraught with challenges and obstacles.


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