Karl Friesenbichler: An Icon of Excellence driving Multifold Growth in the Warehouse Automation Industry


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Meet the exhilarating leader and an A.I. nerd, Karl Friesenbichler, the CEO of dereOida Pty Ltd. A true entrepreneur at heart, Karl’s vision for supply chain management and the warehouse automation industry is exceptional. Giving wings to his passion, Karl built his brainchild with his knowledge and experience. His ability to take risks, deal with multiple challenges, and translate the highly complex processes of supply chain management and warehouse automation into a language everybody understands makes him stand out from others. He finds customized solutions for every project and challenge he faces.

An Internship that Turned into a Full-Fledged Career

Karl graduated when he was 17 and decided to travel and experience other cultures and languages. While abroad, he did a remote degree while working full-time — something he doesn’t recommend to everyone.

“I was drawn into the warehouse management industry very early during an internship in the United Kingdom. I developed one of the first applications to allow retail stores to trigger replenishment from warehouses via a small handheld scanning terminal and a modem,” Karl adds.

“The intricate dance of goods flowing through a business’s supply chain immediately attracted me and became my passion. Even after twenty years, this industry will keep you on your toes as it is ever-changing,” Karl continues.

Creating a Solution, Laying a Foundation, and Building a Legacy

Karl shares the story of the company’s inception and its mission and vision. Founded in 2018, dereOida came into being out of necessity, as Karl was working for a global player in his industry and noticed a need for a superior software product to manage processes, people, and automation in a warehouse. He was frustrated with the fact that different software control systems were required to manage automation in addition to the warehouse management system. Karl thought, “Why not have a single source of truth?” Thus, the idea of a “Unified Control System” was born.

Initially, the company’s product, doWarehouse, was developed as a hobby, with the first version being good but not great. After learning from the first version, the team developed version 2, which they knew was outstanding and would provide real benefits to customers.

The company’s vision is to eliminate human error and warehouse and logistics issues and improve accessibility to products for everyone. The mission of dereOida is to create the best product in the industry, with a team dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in everything they do.

Future-Proof Warehouse Operations

Karl asserts that the era of inflexible warehouse management systems that cannot be modified or can only be modified at a significant expense is over. Instead, businesses require a system that swiftly adapts to evolving business conditions and needs. He emphasizes the importance of having a dynamic and agile system in place that can proactively respond to the changing demands of the marketplace.

The company focuses on providing a warehouse management suite that caters to the needs of customers seeking a future-proof solution for potential automation or those who require a software suite to unify distinct areas of their warehouse that are already automated. Their target audience is not limited to a particular industry but rather encompasses any business that needs a comprehensive and adaptable solution to optimize their warehouse management.

By offering the doWarehouse software suite, which is both versatile and impartial, the company empowers its clients to promptly adjust to shifting business conditions without compromising their service standards. Ultimately, it comes down to having a trustworthy ally who can deliver a product that can seamlessly conform to the evolving needs of their clients.

Simplifying Warehouse Management

At the heart of dereOida’s offerings is their unique product, doWarehouse, which combines warehouse management functionality with agnostic warehouse control. Unlike their competitors, customers can use one software product to manage their manual warehouse operations and control automation, including conveyors, ASRS (or AMR) systems, and other solutions.

One of the key benefits of using doWarehouse is its ability to control different automation vendors within one warehouse, providing customers with a cost-effective solution to manage their warehouse processes. dereOida’s solution is designed with full traceability and transparency, enabling customers to see the actual cost of any task conducted in real time. This feature can be traced back to a specific work step, order, order line, or user, providing one of the most potent tools for continuous improvement.

Furthermore, doWarehouse is also designed to be configurable, allowing customers to change processes without incurring additional software changes. This flexibility is crucial to adapting doWarehouse to ever-changing business requirements, thereby avoiding the cost of software changes.

Decoding the Role of an Entrepreneur

As the CEO, Karl believes that you are responsible for everything in your business. In his journey, he has been fortunate to have terrific mentors on the way and learned early on that you need to build a team around you that complements your skill set and trust them to do their job.

Today, Karl sees himself more as a coach than a business captain, enabling his leadership team to lead the business.

Real Accomplishments are Beyond Awards

When it comes to achievements, his most significant achievement is founding dereOida and seeing this business go from idea to multinational player. As for accomplishments, he instead calls them experiences; speaking at a United Nations conference in Cambodia on how supply chain and logistics automation can transform labor markets in emerging economies comes to mind.

Nowadays, he gives back to emerging talents in the warehouse management industry by sharing his experience and knowledge and guiding them in their path, which is also very rewarding for him.

Karl’s Perspective on Global Business Leadership

The current scenario of global business leadership is dynamic and constantly evolving, driven by factors such as globalization, technology, changing customer preferences, and geopolitical shifts. Leaders need to adapt to these changes and navigate their organizations through uncertainty and disruption. They need to be agile and innovative and have a clear vision of where they want to take their organizations.

To stay relevant amidst changing leadership styles, it is essential to keep learning and upgrading your skills. Leaders need to be aware of the latest trends and best practices in their industry and beyond. They should also be open to new ideas and perspectives and be willing to experiment and take risks.

Networking and building relationships with peers and mentors help Karl stay relevant. He learns from others’ experiences, exchanges ideas, and gains new insights into his leadership approach.

Leaders should focus on developing their emotional intelligence, empathy, and resilience. They should be able to connect with their teams, build trust, and motivate them to achieve their goals. They should also be able to manage their stress levels and adapt to change.

Staying Proactive is a Massive Advantage for the Longer Run

Being proactive is a critical trait for any leader, particularly in today’s competitive business environment. Proactivity allows leaders to stay ahead of the competition, make better strategic decisions, and ensure that their organization is prepared for whatever the future may bring. It also enables them to identify opportunities that others might miss and take advantage of them before competitors can.

The Art of Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a good work-life balance requires daily effort. It is tempting to lean towards work, especially if you lead a startup. Making the conscious decision not to work late hours and allow time for family and friends, as well as sports, helps Karl to balance his busy schedule. Living in Sydney, he is often outdoors and likes to explore nature in and around the city.

Karl’s Impeccable Piece of Advice for Budding Business Leaders

As a decorated leader with a wealth of experience, Karl imparts valuable advice to aspiring business leaders who yearn for success in their chosen fields. He believes building a competent team that complements one’s skill set and shares the same vision and goals is crucial. He advocates embracing innovation and being open to changes in the industry as the world is constantly evolving.

Furthermore, Karl underscores the significance of continuous learning and cultivating a curious mindset. He suggests that one can gain valuable insights from other leaders’ advice and experiences, serving as a treasure trove of leadership ideas.

“Always stay focused on your goals and vision without compromising your ethical values,” concludes Karl.



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