The 10 Game-Changing Women Leaders of 2019

Despite the disparity between genders in the workforce, women leaders are dominating the industry with their exceptional vision and leadership skills. Today, women are successfully climbing the corporate ladder and taking C-suite positions which were previously reserved for men, by performing exceptionally at all the given tasks. This has changed the market scenario, as in the past few years, more women participation is witnessed.
Ayse Birsel
Ayse Birsel: A Multicultural Individual Who Thinks Logically As Well As Creatively
The award-winning designer Ayse (pronounced Eye-Shay) Birsel is the author of Design the Life You ...
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Daphna Nissenbaum
Daphna Nissenbaum: A Social Entrepreneur Creating A Better Society
The negligence of a safe environment has harmed Mother Nature ...
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Nicole Martin
Nicole Martin: An Enthusiastic Leader Making Visions Come Alive
With a dedicated passion to help others, the CEO and ...
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Elena Herweyer
Elena Herweyer: A Multifaceted Prolific Leader
Speed is the keyword for today’s business world. In this ...
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