The 10 Fastest-Growing Companies of 2020

Factors such as digitization, internationalization and the increasingly widespread use of IoT and mobile devices are fueling the complexity of today’s corporate networks as well as the task of safeguarding against hackers, business espionage, etc. Also, with the commencement of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, businesses are obliged to ensure “adequate protection” through ….
UIB: Creating the Universal Translator for Humans and Machines
With analyst forecasts predicting billions of connected devices driving trillions ...
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Vertoe: Providing Safe, Easy, and Reliable Locker Rentals to Store Luggage
In today’s hyper-connected world, megatrends such as vacation rental market ...
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Systweak Software
Systweak: Providing Powerful And Feature-Rich System Optimization Software For All Platforms
Technology is progressing at an unprecedented pace. For businesses, it ...
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SupportPay: Simplifying Child Support & Expense Sharing
Child security is bigger issue all over the world. With ...
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Viral In Nature
Viral In Nature: An Award-Winning Social Media Management Agency
With the increased usage of the internet and the emergence ...
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Approyo: A Leading Global SAP Cloud-Centric Solution Provider
The digital world is becoming increasingly complex every day. Today, ...
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Adwizar Inc.
Adwizar Inc.: Provider of Social Media Marketing Services For Brands And Businesses
The internet revolution and the new social media era have ...
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Brand Marketing

Brand Identity
In depth understanding of Brand Identity
In today’s hyper-connected world, competition is rising rapidly and dramatically ...
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Focus on Cloud Security

Security In The Cloud
Do Organizations Need To Pay Attention To Risks Related To Security In The Cloud?
The rapid development of technology has offered people more flexibility ...
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