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Technology is progressing at an unprecedented pace. For businesses, it is not enough to merely keep up with it anymore. They have to come up with new ideas and excel at what they do in order to survive. To do this, they need an ideal solution that can help them gain a competitive edge as well as deliver a stellar customer experience.

Leveraging its wide range of portfolios, Systweak Software is dedicated towards creating high-quality software and apps for various platforms such as Windows, MAC, IOS, and Android. Since its inception in 1999, the company’s sole aim has been to help technology users in utilizing and making the best of their digital devices. By simplifying existing technology, it has established itself as one of the most promising IT companies today.

Delivering Comprehensive Software Solutions

As a leading IT software solutions company, Systweak offers a wide range of solutions that solve the majority of problems exist in the industry and can be used by most novice users. The company also offers a robust support network to ensure its customers can get their queries resolved, alongside gathering valuable feedback from them. This helps Systweak in assessing flaws in its products to make them better with each release or update.

Some of its popular software solutions are used by customers today, which include Advanced Identity Protector (Safeguard personal information and stay protected from identity theft), Duplicate Photos Fixer (Reclaim Storage space by scanning and deleting duplicate photos), Right Backup (One-stop cloud-based storage solution to safely backup your data), Advanced System Protector (Protect your Windows from malware, spyware, adware, and other threats),  Regclean Pro (Optimize Windows by fixing invalid registry entries for better performance), and Advanced Driver Updater (Scan your system for outdated drivers and install compatible driver updates). These solutions tackle different issues and help users conquer the difficulties they are facing.

Leading In The Race

As the needs of customers are increasing, the IT market is getting crowded with numerous IT software/ services providers. To stand out from others, Systweak is focusing on simplifying complex tasks and hence make devices more user-friendly through its applications. Furthermore, the team of Systweak is centering their attention on researching on industry issues and finding their practical solutions. They’ve tried to break into every nook and cranny to fix the industry’s problems. They are also keeping an eye out on emerging technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial intelligence (AI). Moreover, the expert team is working on developing and incorporating existing tools with AI alongside AR and VR. This, in turn, has helped the company establish a strong presence in this market as well as gain trust from its clients.

Catering Diverse Clients

Currently, Systweak is catering to diverse users who are spread across North America, UK, Europe, and Asia. Along with this, it is also transitioning to the B2B market with new enterprise solutions to manage company resources and providing infrastructural services. The company believes that automation of various manual processes is also of major significance that will yield benefits in the future.

A Versatile Leader Delegating Work To Team 

As quoted once by Ronald Regan “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”

The Founder and CEO, Shrishail Rana follows and implements this quote at Systweak. He has created independent units dedicated to each niche with enough autonomy to ensure high quality and innovation in their products and services. As the Founder, his biggest responsibility is to facilitate an environment where people can grow and become more skilled. Departmental autonomy has always been one of the biggest reasons for the high level of expertise that is displayed through its products.

Matching Pace with Industry Trends

Over the last decade, the IT sector has been transformed drastically. The shift from computer to mobile-influenced this sector most.  However, Shrishail believes that this drastic shift in the industry never got Systweak caught off-guard. Since the company has been focusing on security apps and utility tools for mobile devices for more than 10 years and now it is only getting bigger with its growing expertise in this niche. The versatile leader also believes the new-age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will drive the industry for the next decade. “Moreover, Social Media too has turned a major leaf and is a big industry in itself. We definitely plan to develop more mobile apps that can help us get endorsements from Social Media brands,” adds Shrishail.

Ensuring Safety

Safety is one of the major issues that still plague the industry as well as has been one of the major areas of focus for security providers. To address this, Systweak offers a plethora of security applications and tools for nearly every popular platform. These applications block advanced malware, exploits, adware, spyware, and other similar threats.

Incorporate Advanced Technologies

This year, Systweak’s primary goal is the incorporation of AI, ML, AR and VR in its existing products and services to make them more in-line with current technological trends. The company is certain that these technologies will play an important by improving functioning and practicality as well as make its products future-proof.

Systweak Software

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