Secucloud: Combining Network & Security Functionality In A Single Global Cloud-Based Service


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Factors such as digitization, internationalization and the increasingly widespread use of IoT and mobile devices are fueling the complexity of today’s corporate networks as well as the task of safeguarding against hackers, business espionage, etc. Also, with the commencement of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, businesses are obliged to ensure “adequate protection” through “suitable technical measures” to prevent the loss of their data. However, in parallel, IT departments are constantly understaffed in many businesses, causing problems to be dealt with too late, which in effect leads to high costs.

To address this issue, they can benefit from software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) network technology which lays the foundation for efficient, centralized protection from the cloud. This network technology is more cost-efficient as well as the set-up, installation, and maintenance take much less time and resources. Besides, the SD-WAN creates a “sealed corporate network” across all sites, creating the basis for centralized, comprehensive enterprise protection against outside attacks, for example through the implementation of a powerful Next Generation Firewall. It makes sense to move the security stack to the cloud to ensure optimum connectivity with the network and security functionalities, and using a firewall-as-a-service, in this case, makes for a viable choice. This is where Secucloud comes into the picture and is offering this solution in the form of “Secucloud Enterprise Solutions”.

A Trusted & Reliable Security Partner Fighting Against Cybercriminals

Established in 2013, Secucloud produces “Cybersecurity made in Germany”, which means: IT security solutions in unison with the highest quality standards and the world’s strictest data protection laws, the German ones. As a trusted and reliable security partner, the company assists its clients in defending their networks and valuable data against hackers and cybercriminals. More importantly, its solutions don’t contain any kind of backdoors that would allow third party access to the systems of its clients– a fact proven by the German “TeleTrust” quality seal.

Secucloud believes that in order to fight against cybercriminals, security providers need to display a very high level of innovation. So, by harnessing the latest state-of-the-art technology, it is constantly fighting against hackers and criminals in a struggle to outdo one another. Furthermore, the company is leveraging evolving technologies and fostering innovation to stay ahead from its competitors. For example, Secucloud is currently working on ways of utilizing artificial intelligence in the form of neural networks to classify network traffic. Ideally, a neural network would be able to recognize and identify the continuously changing and evolving harmful data streams on the internet – not based on known attack patterns, but rather thanks to a true understanding of the difference between good and bad network traffic.

Delivering a Comprehensive, Enterprise-Class Security System

As an international security specialist, Secucloud offers a comprehensive, enterprise-class security system that is located exclusively in the cloud to meet the demands of the clients. Through its solutions, clients can protect their networks and devices from today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber-threats in a centralized way. As a result, they do not need to install any applications on their computers, nor do they need to keep local security solutions up to date on a continuous basis.

Furthermore, the company’s offering is directed at telcos, which can implement its solution directly in their infrastructure. Then, provide their customers with its high-performance security in the form of a subscription-based service. The solutions offered by Secucloud cover large customer bases: 100 million users and more can be protected at the same time.

On the other hand, the company offers its security technology as a managed service in the B2B area, in the form of “Secucloud Enterprise Solutions”. It enables vendors and resellers to act as Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and provide small and medium-sized businesses with a suite of powerful security technologies that scale as needed and stay up-to-date without any maintenance.

Emerging Technology with Vast Potential: FWaaS

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) is emerging as an important technology trend that will revolutionize the market in the near future. FWaaS has enormous market potential in the increasing threat environment today that demands an extremely high degree of IT infrastructure reliability and versatility from a business. At the same time, the costs of ensuring an adequate level of protection mustn’t go sky high. This is where FWaaS comes into play and offers corresponding functionalities that are obtained as a service from the cloud. Accordingly, they remain up-to-date at all times, adapt flexibly to the requirements of the company and thereby reduce maintenance and configuration costs. With Secucloud Enterprise Solutions, the leading cybersecurity solution providing company recognized this need at a very early stage in the past and leveraged the technology trend with a concrete solution for its customers. Furthermore, as early as 2017, Gartner included the technology in its hype cycle, calling it one of the emerging technologies (“on the rise”), and gave it a ‘high’ benefit rating. Even then, Gartner named Secucloud as one of the few vendors for this emerging technology trend.

The Industrious Leader Leading Towards A Bright Future

A technology entrepreneur, Dennis Monner is the Founder and CEO of Secucloud. Prior to founding Secucloud, he acted as founder and chairman of the executive board of the IT security manufacturer gateprotect, which was taken over by Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity in 2014. The company was able to outperform 500 international competitors and is considered today to be among the top 10 in the industry, ranking in the Magic Quadrant by the Gartner consulting firm.

To highlight his thoughts on leadership, Dennis shares, “In my opinion, steering a company compares very well with sailing. As a captain on a ship, I have to set the course and stay focused on our destination. And no matter how big a ship is, we all have one thing in common: We move on the power of the wind. It is our best friend – it figuratively as well as literally offers tailwind – but sometimes can also be our worst enemy.

The industrious leader has to manage all the business operations as well as has to lead, guide his team members to achieve the goals set by the core management team. He also credits the success and growth of Secucloud to his team as they have put lots of effort and hard work to make it as huge it is today.

Wide Clientele Base

Secucloud has reached just under 1 billion subscribers around the world through its international partnerships and group contracts with multiple well-known telcos. CEO Dennis proudly asserts, “Examples, for successful Secucloud implementations at renowned companies are the Ooredoo Group – with 130 million customers one of the leading international telecoms providers for the Middle East, North Africa, and south-east Asia – or VinaPhone –  with more than nine million mobile customers the second-largest mobile provider in Vietnam.


Emerging Network Technologies is the Future

The past year was a very successful one for our company. In fact, the growing interest in the megatrends SD-WAN and FWaaS have given us a great boost, enabling us to develop Secucloud Enterprise Solutions as a further field of application for our innovative cloud solution and to provide our customers with new offerings,” comments CEO Dennis. Now, the versatile leader with his team is planning to continue benefiting from the additional momentum this year and push ahead with the Managed Security Services business – both nationally and internationally. By leveraging several years of experience in the global cloud security business, the company is now the ideal solution provider and consulting partner for any reseller who wants to provide their customers with a powerful protection technology adequate for today’s requirements.


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