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With the increased usage of the internet and the emergence of new social media platforms, the number of tech-savvy users is increasing as well. Today, social media is a hub for many companies to establish their digital presence in the online world. The high availability of consumers on the internet is one of the main reasons, why the majority of companies prefer marketing via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Recently, the competition on social media has also rapidly increased as more and more companies and agencies are using the aforesaid platforms to market themselves. Though, only a few companies have proved themselves to be unique in the race. Rebranded in 2013, Viral In Nature is an award-winning social media management and web development agency. By leveraging the latest technology and trends, it provides clients with a complete package to mark their online presence.

Core values of Viral In Nature

The core values of any company not only help to create a positive atmosphere for employees and differentiate themselves from others but also help to inspire smart business decisions. Likewise, Viral In Nature’s core values reflects the employees’ passion and hard work to deliver a stellar customer experience. These core values are Client Appreciation, Constantly Improve, Technological Advances, Take Ownership, Teamwork, Elevate Others, Passion, and Quality.

Developing a Comprehensive Website

Viral In Nature’s mission, ‘Capturing the Power of Social Media’ clearly states the mindset of the company. By integrating modern tech & trends into its services, the company captures the power of social media for the benefit of its clients. Being constantly data-driven, the company can research changes like the Facebook algorithm, which is a closely guarded secret and learn what practices work best.

For startups and small businesses, a website can help them get their name out, inform potential customers and investors, and makes it easy for people to find and communicate with them. Moreover, a comprehensive website generates media interest for businesses to increase their customer base. Viral In Nature understands this concept and helps the client by creating easy to use website with a custom theme suiting the look and brand of the business. Hence, the client’s business acquires a responsive website that is adaptive irrespective of the customer is viewing on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Building a Strong Online Presence

In today’s digital world, maintaining a solid online reputation is necessary for businesses. However, it is a daunting task for them to maintain a positive brand image. So, as a social media expert, Viral In Nature understands the needs of the clients and offers services such as through web design, social media and reputation management. It provides customized services that best suit the clients’ business needs.

Furthermore, the customer-centric social media agency can tailor a social media strategy that can help them build a strong online presence on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn pages. The expert team of Viral In Nature always focuses on fulfilling and exceeding the expectations of clients by delivering a unique social media management strategy. They also help in managing the client’s online platform with as little or as much input as the client wants.

Aiming To Become Top-Performing Social Media Agency

A great company is led by a great leader. Shawn Michael Alain, the Founder and President of Viral In Nature, spent a decade in the newspaper business. He saw a rise in social media and the decline of the newspaper industry. So, he decided to get out of the newspaper business and start his own social media agency. Being a practical leader, he focuses on the client and not on the competitors. Shawn asserts, “I don’t care about the pace of my competitors, nor do I track it.”

His vision is to be the top-performing social media agency in the world and this vision is supported by his team members who focus on providing a hands-on, customized and personal approach to each of their clients. Shawn believes that this approach is the best as it helps businesses to grow at a rapid pace and establish a strong digital presence.

Many successful entrepreneurs suggest that the key to their success is to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. Highlighting his thoughts, Shawn quotes, “At the end of the day, it’s not computers, software, and algorithms that make a business successful, its people.”

Being More Effective and Efficient

One of the ways to tackle the constantly growing technology is by understanding the technological changes and inculcates the same in the organization. Viral In Nature is fueling the growth of businesses by persistently improving its services by seeking out, testing, developing, and implementing new applications and technologies with two goals in the mind — making its services more effective as well as more efficient.

According to, a market research agency, the company is recognized as one of the top-ranked media agencies in the world. There are a few main factors contributing to the growth of Viral In Nature. First and foremost is the Clients’ referral. It is one of the most positive factors. Digital Marketing strategy — has unique digital marketing allowing more clients to afford its services.

Maintaining the Growth In The Future

Having won more awards, Viral In Nature has acquired some big international clients. However, the majority of its clients are small businesses which include Restaurants, eCommerce, accountants, bakeries, florists, and gyms. Clients highly appreciate the constantly improving excellent services offered by the company. To maintain its growth pace, it has expanded to Vancouver, Canada. The goal of 2020 is to grow the office in addition to Calgary, Canada. Next year the goal is to open another office possibly in the Southern US or Europe.

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