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The 10 Best Multidisciplinary Data Science Solutions Providers

SeekNShop.IO : Bringing The Power Of Human Understanding To E-commerce & Enterprise Search

In the last few years, data science has made great strides especially with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smart Apps, IoT, Digital Twins etc., backed by the trend shift in computing and hardware capabilities. Moreover, the advancements of Deep Learning and Machine Learning algorithms have fueled the problem solving capabilities related to data science. By 2019, it is predicted that the contemporary business world will witness serverless-cloud adoption because of increased number of smart applications and elevated amount of data generated by IoT........


Connect2India: Empowering SMEs for End-To-End Global Export-Import with its Powerful Integrated Trade Platform

India is a home to around 65 Million SMEs, out of which a very small proportion has a global presence and an even smaller proportion actively participates in export/import. This is because they lack the capability and expertise required in the current trade market to trade globally. Finding and qualifying trade counterparts is a big challenge in global trade. Furthermore, the absence of any trade intelligence and detailed trade analytics increases the cost of identifying the target product, country, or trade counterparts.........

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