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Automated Insights, Inc: Revolutionizing How Businesses Make Decisions Using Natural Language Generation Platform

Automated Insights Natural Language Generation

The current state of the data science industry leaves the unlimited potential for growth, but there is a lack of data scientists having a standard level of expertise demanded in this field across organizations. The need is outperforming the speed of the data science industry as many companies are investing a large amount of resources in giving expert-level training to individuals. The lack of degree holders and expert employees in data science is making a way for the development of automated technologies. This is where emerging artificial intelligence and natural language generation step in to arm and empower companies with the tools to relieve the pressure of keeping a competitive edge and using their data for smarter, effective decision-making without having the manpower to do so.

With the mission to make the world’s data understandable, Automated Insights (Ai) is the leading natural language generation (NLG) company, alleviating the limited resource of data experts by scaling their expertise. Furthermore, Ai provides the appropriate context alongside reports and data dashboards that visually display key performance indicators for users to better understand data.

Leading the Industry with Constant Innovation and a Customer Focused Mindset

Headquartered in Durham, N.C., Automated Insights was established in 2007. In 2015, Automated Insights was acquired by Vista Equity Partners, a $30B+ private equity firm, making Ai the first natural language generation company acquired by a private equity firm. Furthermore, Ai continued its growth and became the creator of the world’s first self-service natural language generation platform, Wordsmith. This platform allows companies in any industry to weave a cohesive narrative based on the entirety of their data; moreover, it enables users to take complete control of the output and ensures the data is more accessible and easily shared within an organization. With Wordsmith’s role-based reporting, businesses are able to deliver the right insight, to the right person, at the right time, using the simplest medium to understand: the written word. Ai’s Wordsmith uses the data in a dashboard to author personalized and prescriptive analyses that imitate the voice of a human analyst. This allows data teams to deliver complete context across a dashboard for any viewer who’s looking at it, whether they’re a seasoned analyst, C-suite executive, customer, or vendor.

CEO Pushing Automated Insights to The Top With His Strategic Direction 

With an ultimate goal to nurture Automated insights and help his team thrive in their roles, Marc Zionts, the CEO of the leading NLG company, is responsible for the strategic direction of the company and the overall execution of the business to accomplish its short-term target goals while constantly working towards long-term objectives. Zionts supports customers, partners, and team members at Ai. According to Zionts, the best parts of his role are witnessing the accomplishments of Ai customers using Wordsmith and watching his team mature in their careers. He feels fortunate to love what his company does and the value it brings to partners and clients. Zionts has a deep respect for the Automated Insights team and their dedication to making customers successful.

Marching To Success With Flexible Solutions for Clients

Founded with a prime focus on the sports industry, Ai was generating sporting event recaps and personalized fantasy football narratives before soon realizing that there was a deep need for this type of technology across various industries. Today, Automated Insights serves clients and partners spanning over 50 industries in more than 20 different languages.

The customization capability of Wordsmith is unparalleled in the natural language generation, machine learning, artificial intelligence market. NLG is an emerging, new technology as the market stands, but what positions Automated Insights above competitors is Wordsmith’s unmatched personalization and the fact that it’s a self-service platform. Companies want more than a generic, universal output because businesses, roles, and data aren’t universal. In today’s business climate, companies are hindering their ability to thrive, do more, and see exponential growth. This is the gap Wordsmith fills by providing an actionable solution with their unique prescriptive analytics feature that’s like having an experienced analyst sitting with a user, walking them through their dashboard, telling them exactly what they need to know and the best step to take next.

Planning for the Future to Develop Offerings

The rapidly growing NLG solution provider is focused on growing its product development and offerings and fostering existing BI and system integrator partners. This will enable Ai to establish new enduring partnerships with the continual expansion of its team. With the objective to be on the forefront of the natural language generation and business intelligence space, Automated Insights is assisting clients to make the world’s data understandable. Enterprises are drowning in excessive data without the tools necessary for complete comprehension and are seeking clear and concise narratives to ensure everyone has access to explanations of their data. By providing this capability through data storytelling, Ai is improving data literacy and promoting data understanding to all individuals in an enterprise.

Recently, the Ai team has been working diligently to roll out the availability of new integrations, built directly within the top business intelligence data visualization platforms like Tableau and MicroStrategy. By leveraging the data behind a user’s visual dashboard, customers are augmenting analysis with profound context. These Wordsmith Extensions enable BI customers to interact with their data and communicate insights by pairing written analytics side-by-side with data visualizations.