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The data science industry is in a period of promising translational research. New developments in the areas of reinforcement learning, deep neural network architectures, and probabilistic modeling are opening the door for new applications in the data science industry.

Being able to translate academic results into new applications is an essential skill in modern data science. At the same time, the data science industry is starting to approach problems and solutions in a more professional and disciplined way. Companies are building capabilities to quickly construct scalable and maintainable models with a short feedback loop.

Striking a balance that allows teams to quickly and methodically adapt academic results to a corporate setting is the most important challenge in the industry today. This is the challenge that technology firm Very is taking strides to solve. Very’s approach to the data science research process closely mirrors the firm’s modern engineering and design approaches.

Developing Innovative Products Backed by Machine Learning

Very is a full-service technology partner for companies looking to leapfrog their competition. With the mission to provide high-end services, Very offers full-stack product development alongside deep expertise in data science and the Internet of Things (IoT).

From initial design to product launch, Very works closely with clients to make sure each project is successful. Very’s machine learning consulting services involve working with the client’s engineering department to develop a model specific to the customer’s situation. This custom machine learning algorithm will work with a client’s current dataset to solve the complex issues.

Very is able to predictably deliver working software because they invest in only best talent, follow modern development practices, and believe in the philosophy of continuous improvement. Using this approach, the Tennessee-based company has launched more than 250 products over the last decade.

As a part of their machine learning services, Very provides a wide range of offerings in predictive analytics, business process automation, text processing and analysis, computer vision, business process automation, data warehousing, and model design validation, and training. Furthermore, Very delivers high-quality IoT applications by combining best-in-class web and embedded technologies with battle-tested security protocols, over-the-air firmware updates, and extensible code.

Co-founder Leading the Very Team with Continuous Improvement Techniques

In 2011, Tyler co-founded Very after becoming frustrated with the status quo of product development. Very’s goal is simple: to deliver working software on time, every time. Over the last decade, he’s taken many entrepreneurial lessons to heart. And he’s found that while it’s easier than ever to launch a company, it’s harder than ever to focus time, energy, and resources in the most effective way possible.

As a co-founder of Very, Tyler’s greatest responsibility is to uphold and promote a culture of continuous improvement in all things. Therefore, Tyler implemented a Japanese philosophy known as “Kaizen,” which has helped them to improve themselves continually. This also resulted in a drastic change in everybody’s way of dealing with challenges. Moreover, Very’s team members have become expert at making product solutions better by refining them with a sense of pride.

Best-In-Class Culture Pushing Very Ahead of its Competitors

With deep experience in machine learning, IoT, and full-stack development, Very finds creative approaches to challenging problems. The right kind of business and engineering culture helps Very’s team to build comprehensive solutions for their clients. By retaining the top talent, Very has created a tightlymeshed team that can tackle difficult problems with surgical efficiency. Recently, Very was selected as one of the finalists in the ‘2018 Business Culture Awards’ for its work related to holacracy, an organizational approach where authority and decision-making power are distributed throughout the organization rather than a traditional top-down management hierarchy.

Moreover, at Very, the process of dealing with clients is highly transparent, and communication is constant so that clients always know exactly where their project stands. The prominent product development company understands that product goals are tied directly to business objectives and together with clients, it is far easier to achieve objectives.

Very’s Optimistic Future Plans to Dominate the Data Science Industry

Very has plans to double-down on its data science practice investment while focusing on its unique company culture and the quality of its team. The Tennessee-based company is steadily growing and has future plans to expand through the end of this year. While innovating with data science, Very will stay committed to its mission of solving the biggest technology problems for clients across an array of different industries using a variety of different technologies.

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