The 10 Best Green Tech Companies of 2018

In the world of technology-conscious customers, every industry is reinventing and digitizing its business roadmap, workforce productivity, and assessing its role in the global energy management and conservation space. While, the electric power is undergoing major transformations in terms of getting advanced grids, diversified and cleaner energy sources, the utility industry is too witnessing a trend of regulation ….
zome energy networks
ZOME Energy Networks: Making The World A Better Place With Smart Energy Solutions
With offices in California and Cambridge MA, ZOME Energy Networks ...
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Wuudis Solutions Oy
Wuudis Solutions Oy: Simplifying Forest Management Through Digitalization
Globally over 2 billion people receive their entire or partial ...
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Sri Vasuki Power Systems Pvt Ltd
Sri Vasuki Power Systems Pvt Ltd.: Delivering Energy Inventions to Transform The World
Based in Bangalore, India, Sri Vasuki Power Systems Pvt Ltd. ...
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Elevate Structure
Elevate Structure: Pioneering Green Tech Innovation Inspired By Nature
The idea of environmentally sustainable economic growth is not new, ...
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Expert Views

Chatbot UX customer engaged
Chatbot UX: 6 Ways to Keep Customers Engaged
When it comes to automating customer interactions, user experience is ...
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Era of Robots

Meet the Vector by Anki, a Smart Pet Assistant for Home
Meet the Vector by Anki, a Pet Assistant for Home
Long ago, scientists had predicted that robots would be living ...
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underwater communication
Advanced Underwater Communication System Using Space Laser Technology
Earth’s two-third of the area is covered by water. With ...
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