Elevate Structure: Pioneering Green Tech Innovation Inspired By Nature

Elevate Structure

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The idea of environmentally sustainable economic growth is not new, over the course of human history it has been recognized several times by various cultures. The goal of which is to achieve harmony between environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, and socio-political sustainability throughout the business practices. Nowadays it has been a necessity for businesses to focus on sustainability in order to meet the goal of environmentally sustainable economic growth.

Elevating Structures with the Touch of Nature

Palo Alto, California based Elevate Structure is a technology company creating nature-inspired structures to monetize underutilized spaces. Incepted in 2015, it is been named in Forbes magazine as one of six “Startups Embodying Technology’s Vision For A Greener Tomorrow”.

The team of Elevate creates trees that provide 10X space through structures influenced by nature which blend in nearly everywhere (as trees do) and are space efficient (1X trunk and 10X crown). As every inch of space in and around cities is called for, it needs innovative and creative space solutions for living, working, and humanitarian applications. With a brilliant structural system, Elevate’s technology provides sustainable, low cost, flexible, and adaptable structures.

Besides disrupting the construction/housing industry that has not been disrupted in decades, Elevate is also creating a culture around sustainable, nature-inspired structures that the modern world desires.

The Craftsman behind Elevate Structure

Elevate is the brainchild of Nathan Toothman, who is Co-founder and CEO of the company. In addition to his responsibilities as a CEO, Nathan also plays the role of a creative innovator and looks after all engineering & architectural design. He believes in making an impact globally, especially in cities, using technology.

In near future, Nathan plans to reduce most of the traditional laborious tasks and shifting them to machines so that it would be better, faster, and cheaper for the company to deliver its structure. Other than this, at his venture, Nathan works on designs that inspire and are tied with core principles of nature that never go out of style.

Delivering Enriched Customer Experience

Elevate’s team believes in delivering great and unforgettable experiences for both its clients and its event attendees. They are creating a brand that everyone loves, however; the structures used are temporary event structures, glamping treehouses, vacation rentals, etc. In order to provide an excellent experience, they make sure that everything is well executed from start to finish.

To meet the customers’ need of structures for short-term, Elevate has iterated rapidly through many applications and arrived at a market entry in the short-term rental market where it can quickly gain traction and build the brand too.

Doing Something That’s Never Been Done Before

Elevate is a team of engineers and architects who have infused technology into a structure that sets it apart from anything else before. Their concept is a tree-like structure that would seamlessly blend in with its surroundings and have minimal impact to the site with its small ‘trunk’ footprint on the ground.

Using advanced technology with a highly innovative design, Elevate is a truly radical structure, pushing boundaries in the construction/building industry. The structure provided by Elevate can be set up by only 2 persons within the period of just 2 hours as well as its transformability makes it stand apart from traditional time-consuming structures.

Innovative Offerings Empowering Clients

Throughout its journey, Elevate has had the privilege to work with some big companies such as it has constructed structures for Shaun White’s Air + Style music festival event, Boxed Water, Red Bull, and Lyft to name a few.

Elevate’s first sale was to Zappos early this year. The three structures delivered by Elevate are used daily by their employees and have been used for their many corporate events. The nature-like structure provider’s offerings are adored by many and they enhance each of Zappos’ events.

Elevate Structure

Sustainable Steps for a Sustainable Future

As by the definition, ‘sustain’ means to ‘strengthen or support’, Elevate considers its primary responsibility is to ‘strengthen or support’ the life of people. They gauge the success of their sustainable structures by its ability to be used by many different people, in many ways, over a significant period of time. Over time, it has become Elevate’s belief that the only way they can meet those requirements is through transformation. They believe that if there is no, or little, capacity for ‘continuous transformation,’ then there can be no real sustainability.

For Elevate, sustainable means it must have the ability to transform and be re-adaptable. In a world that is changing faster than ever before, it is not realistic to think that what works today will work in the next twenty years. From its tree position, with a 20 sq. ft. trunk footprint, it can transform into the mandala, with 2000 sq. ft. space. A radical 100X space transformation that has the potential to make a global impact.

The team of Elevate strives to build the future they want to live in through unreasonable thinking that can make the impossible happen. With their dedication in innovating and experimenting in all fronts through their diverse and unique team, they dream to create the future.

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