Thales and Microsoft join hands to build a unique cloud system for the armed forces

Thales and Microsoft join hands to build a unique cloud system for the armed forces

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Thales Group, a French multinational company, known for designing and building defense electrical systems is ready to collaborate with Microsoft to develop cloud solutions for armed forces.

The partnership is based on the Azure Stack platform by Microsoft, allowing armed forces to keep their resourceful data inside the frame. Here, Azure Stack will provide a flexible cloud habitat that will be completely cyber secure.

According to Thales, it is being said that the partnership with Microsoft will lead to a successful transformation for the armed forces.

Under the collaboration

It is informed that the Microsoft Azure Stack will use a baseline set up in which the French company will integrate its connectivity, end-to-end cyber security and encryption solutions.

The collaboration will thereby provide a flexible cloud application which is going to have the functionality of data storage and management. For the future developments, Microsoft has plans of using Guavus Reflex analytics to give users the facility to analyse the big amount of data in real time and also to use Iot applications for involving numerous types of sensors on the field.

“The final piece of the puzzle will be delivered by Thales’s expertise as a field integrator,” the defence contractor claimed in his statement, “Because of the unique environment this cloud platform will operate in, such as theatres of operations and forward operating bases in remote locations, the platform will need to be configured differently than a commercial system.

He further continued saying,“Each integrated system will require a level of autonomy, and be capable of working ‘offline’ in case of a connection loss due to conditions on the ground. It will also require systems to be portable and be ruggedized and hardened to ensure resilience when deployed in theatre,”



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