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All you need to know about Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta Update (10.7)

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Key Highlights:

  • Tesla has commenced releasing a full self-driving beta software update (10.7).
  • The upgradation has resolved the problem of phantom breaking, which was a greater concern previously.
  • The software enhances FSD efficiency and one simply needs to enter the location to reach the destination.

Full self-driving without phantom braking

Tesla Inc. is a US-based company accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy with electric cars, solar and integrated renewable energy solutions. Recently, the company has launched an upgradation for fully self-driving cars. The update will reduce the occurrence of phantom braking, which resulted in forced braking without a reason. The improvisation has converted “Full self-driving beta update” as energy-efficient. This early version of full self-driving was chosen upon successful completion of software testing. The testing ensures the smooth functioning of the software.

The vehicle will commence driving once the location is entered into its navigation system. However, the driver has to remain careful to ensure safety. Also, the fact that one needs to remain vigilant throughout the driving indicates it is a level two driver-assist system. It is called a two-step forward, one step back program, since it witnessed a transition back into a less developed state as per driving capabilities. The automaker is pointing out changes in terms of driving behaviors. The successful execution of FSD may be beneficial for the future.

Improvisations in FSD

  1. A network of object attributes has been improved to reduce false cut-in delays by 50%, and lane assignment errors by 19%.

  2. The Photons’ average response latency to control vehicles was reduced by 20%.

  3. Addition of auto-labeled and simulated training examples reduced VRU (pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles, animals) lateral velocity error by 4.9%.

  4. Bias over bike lanes for right turns now behaves more naturally.

  5. Unprotected left turns with low visibility will now have a better speed profile.

  6. With better modelling of stopping regions with soft and hard deadlines, Jaywalkers are more comfortable when yielding.

  7. Merge control has been made smoother with improved modelling of merge points and ghost objects positioned on the edge of visibility.

  8. A new trajectory optimizer that enforces stricter lateral jerk bounds will improve overall comfort.

  9. A richer trajectory model has improved short deadline lane changes.

  10. A better integration between lead vehicle overtaking and lane change gap selection.

  11. Visualization of the trajectory line has been updated.

Improvement for Autopilot

The automaker has made it clear that the alterations are for autopilot along with FSD beta. However, the changes created by Tesla are autopilot-specific. The drivers using autopilot or FSD are advised to keep their hands on the wheel to maintain control as needed. As per sources, Tesla is allowing only those users, who have a safety score of 98 or above. CEO of Tesla, Mr. Elon Musk has revealed that the newer update or 10.8 version will be released on Tuesday itself. A “holiday update” will also be provided to the rest of the fleet.

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