Tesla plant in Berlin

Musk visited the Tesla plant in Berlin

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The Tesla car production plant located near Berlin has resumed operations after a massive fire. This event attracted the attention of European and American media, as the owner of the company, Elon Musk, was present. A multi-billionaire with a dubious reputation in the world arrived in Gruenheide to personally announce the resumption of production. In addition, he talked with the plant employees and posted a short video on the X social network with gratitude addressed to the entire Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg team. Power supply to the plant was resumed on March 11, and the resumption of the working process became known on the 13th. This enterprise is potentially one of the largest in Europe, as it can produce about 500 thousand cars per year. All of them are intended for European consumers, who can purchase branded models in hundreds of car dealerships located in most countries. There are also online auctions where wrecked Tesla for sale at a more affordable price.

Previous events

Last week, the Tesla plant, located near Berlin, was forced to stop its work. The reason for this was a large-scale fire at an electrical substation, which, according to company representatives, was a deliberate act aimed specifically at Tesla. This version is considered the main one by the authorities of the state of Brandenburg, on whose territory the enterprise is located. Later, the «Vulkangruppe» group announced its involvement in the arson. She justified her actions with the desire to stop the potential expansion of the plant, which could cause enormous harm to the ecology of the entire region, as well as deprive many people of normal water supply. Direct evidence of intentional arson has not yet been identified, but the investigation into this case continues.

What’s next?

On Monday, the consequences of the fire were eliminated and power supply at the enterprise was restored. The plant resumed operations on Tuesday morning. The damage from the shutdown at Tesla was estimated at 500 million euros.  Elon Musk, who attended this event, refused to communicate directly with media representatives. Nevertheless, one of the reporters managed to reach the multi-billionaire and ask a question regarding the future fate of the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg project. In particular, he asked Musk whether he planned to continue the announced expansion of the plant, to which he gave a short positive answer. This means that construction of a cargo depot and storage facilities will be carried out in the near future. To do this, workers will need to cut down about 250 acres of forest, which is an unacceptable solution for local environmentalists. As a sign of protest, activists even set up a camp in the immediate vicinity of the work site. However, such actions are unlikely to stop the further expansion of the plant, which for local authorities turned out to be more important than the needs of ordinary people.



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