Tellabs Leadership Approach With Enhanced PON Protection Availability

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Advanced PON Protection enables intelligent switching across dual fiber plant

Tellabs, the innovation leader of Passive Optical Network (PON) solutions, announced that the Tellabs® FlexSym Series, and its System Release 31.3 (SR31.3) Advanced Availability Software Package, is now available and supports industry-leading enhanced PON Protection functionality.

PON Protection offers fiber route diversity and Optical Line Terminal (OLT) redundancy across the optical distribution plant of an enterprise network. By utilizing 2:x passive optical splitters, typically with 2:16, 2:32, 2:64 split ratios, PON Protection provides the highest degree of network uptime availability with:

  • Protection across two PON service cards in a single OLT chassis
  • Protection across two PON service cards in geographically dispersed redundant OLTs

Advanced detection and protection

Additionally, Tellabs FlexSym Series SR31.3 Advanced Availability Software Package adds an innovative new feature called “PON Path Protection.”  With PON Path Protection, the system software proactively monitors the path’s health across the network, and if it detects the OLT has lost connectivity to the network, it will automatically switch to protection.   This enables the ability to route traffic around a network failure by shifting traffic to the standby PON – no other enterprise Optical LAN equipment manufacture has this capability.

Furthermore, this best-in-class PON Path Protection feature adds the capability to detect the failure of major card-level components and intelligently switch to the optimal path. This ensures an uninterrupted traffic flow of real-time and critical business services. It also allows for the failed card to be replaced in a maintenance window without affecting any network uptime availability.

Simply stated, the enhanced PON Protection functionality enables our enterprise Optical LAN customers to reduce the LAN downtime impact on their employees and business operations by eliminating lost employee productivity, lost connectivity to corporate resources and eCommerce. The financial gains for our customers relative to operating their business with the highest degree of network availability are tremendous,” said Rich Schroder, Tellabs President and CEO.



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