South Korean SK Telecom develops AI-based image search technology

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SKT to provide AI based customized experience to its users.

SK Telecom or SKT has successfully developed the artificial intelligence (AI)-based image search and recommendation technology, and reportedly, the technology to be rolling out within a year.

“Scene Discovery” by SKT

The firm stated the technology, called “Scene Discovery,” will enable users to pick out certain scenes in movies or dramas by entering keywords in its video streaming app, Oksusu, or Btv, its internet protocol television (IPTV). Users can also pick up scenes in which their favorite actor or actress appears. The firm has developed this technology to better respond to each user’s preferences.

Currently, the AI, which has learned thousands of videos and hundreds of images, is able to recognize more than 2,500 actors in Korea and abroad, and 50 different situations such as weddings and dances as well as landmarks, seasons and background music.

Voice Recognition Technology

During a media conference held at its head office in Seoul, SK Telecom reported it and its internet service subsidiary, SK Broadband, are planning to apply the technology to Oksusu and Btv within the year. SK Telecom is also adding a voice command function to the new service, considerably. The firm has also introduced the technology recommending customized content based on each user’s viewing history information. The technology allows users to customize home screens in accordance with their preferences.

Recently, SK Broadband has partially applied the technology to Oksusu and planning to apply it fully. SK Telecom said the technology has used the recurrent neural network (RNN), one of the major artificial neural networks.

Lee Jong-min, head of the Media Infra Lab at SK Telecom, during a conference, stated, “More than 20,000 videos and other content are being uploaded to Oksusu every month. The core competitive power in the media platform will be the recommendation technology that reflects users’ diverse preferences and viewing patterns.”

SK Telecom’s Success Story

SK Telecom is Korea’s leading telecommunications organization serving more than 29 million mobile subscribers, which accounts for about 50 percent of the total market.

Established in 1984, SK Telecom has contributed immensely by leading the development of the global mobile telecommunications industry by launching CDMA (2G), WCDMA (3G) and LTE-A (4G) for the first time in the world. Ahead of it, the company aims to achieve the early commercialization of 5G and aggressively developing key enabling technologies under its 5G roadmap.

Armed with unmatched competitiveness in mobile connectivity, SK Telecom is actively developing different powerful platforms, such as; Lifestyle Enhancement Platform, Media Platform, and IoT Platform. SKT aims at delivering optimal value to customers and sustaining growth in the largely changing business world.



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