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Taking A Closer Look At The Future Of Document Management Systems

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Document Management Systems (DMS) are a developing need for numerous enterprises. Also, the quantity of firms that require an exceedingly robotized DMS is exponentially extending. Many of these companies are focused on finding a DMS solution for the here and now. However, what they should be looking for is a DMS solution for their future needs. When assessing the capabilities of a document management system, it is important to use Moore’s Law in determining the growing use of data per user and how increased bandwidth and display capabilities translates into needing more servers to securely store data. Since Moore’s Law states that the price of hardware goes down while the capabilities continue increasing, the use of technology across all industries is growing and not slowing down any time soon.

There are many features in DMS, but the most necessary feature in having a long lasting one is the ability to integrate different software applications into the system. Moreover, features like a large amount of space that can retain massive amounts of data, a great user interface and most importantly, a secure environment to hold the data in are important. DMS are constantly changing and require certain characteristics to remain updated and useful in today’s world as well as in the future.

There are many ways in which DMS can be improved in the future, but the biggest additions are:

  • Better search capabilities
  • Fully operational mobile usability
  • Ability to have a more personalized setting for each user

In the not so distant future, a number of DMS will have these features and will change all industries that work with data.

The technology world is forever reinventing itself, with the old continuously being replaced by the new. Document management is no different. Let’s have a look at how the future of DMS will look like.

  1. Cloud Computing for DMS:

DMS are an important part of any business. Here’s how the computing is great in DMS.


Could Computing in Document Management System


  • Security Cloud-based DMS are way more secure than keeping files on computer. It does not need on-site maintenance and monitoring programs. It also helps to get rid of security updates, licensing, and backups. This is because cloud DMS will monitor the entire task.
  • Capital management: Removing maintenance and monitoring programs don’t just help with security; it also helps to save money. The price tag of everything that comes with servers can be in big amount. Using cloud-based DMS eliminates the need to spend all of that money.
  • Accessibility: The biggest benefits of cloud-based DMS are that it is easy to access. Employees can access the required files from any device. From a single click one can find anything. One can send easy fax using cloud solutions like EclipseFAX, developed by Eclipse Corporation, which offers the most comprehensive solutions for business-critical information delivery.
  • Work Collectively: Cloud-based DMS will allow access to the document to as many people as possible and they will all be able to edit or make notes.
  • Easy Recovery: When a cyber-attack disaster happens, recovery can be difficult. If the organization is having DMS then they have to worry less. Since it is cloud-based, their files will be safe since it is not on one server.
  1. Mobile Accessibility:

Nowadays, mobility is essential in any DMS. It allows to access software anywhere, as well as accessing it any time. With mobility employees are no longer restricted to one place to complete their responsibilities at the actual office; it allows taking a step further. With the mobility data base management system, all information will be in the organisation fingertips. Furthermore, it will be able to access anything directly from mobile device such as blueprints, manuals, guides, etc.

With the help of the mobile DMS, one doesn’t have to wait for someone to send legal documents or contracts. With eSign capabilities, one can fill out any legal forms or documents then and there, and send it to them immediately for records. It allows for data capturing to be taken offsite, making it easier for technicians and engineers to get their job done.

  1. Artificial Intelligence in Data Management Systems:

In the recent times, AI has revolutionized the way in which a business stores, archives, processes, and extracts information.


Document Management System


  • Classification:  Optical character recognition (OCR) technology has been around facilitating text recognition. AI takes this a bit higher by being able to actually read documents, analyse its content, classify them correctly, and also automate workflows in compliance with proper classifications.
  • Data Extraction:  One of the most exciting aspects of AI-powered DMS platform is the potential of machine learning in data analytics – boosting the decision-making process and enhancing optimisation of business processes. With companies being overloaded with more and more data & documents, the feasibility of data extraction and data analytics is a vital advantage that DMS has to offer for companies.
  • Security: AI-powered DMS platforms use accurate and economical techniques to discover personally recognizable information and sensitive information and protect the personal data of customers. It simply identifies which employee has access to which documents and prevents any kind of unauthorised access, thereby safeguarding necessary documents from unwanted edits, alterations, or viewing. Even though a document is pending for any kind of action, the technology ensures that it is not kept lying in an unsecured location.
  • Document CluttersDocument clustering is made easy with the help of AI technology. An AI-powered DMS facilitates effective assigning of documents to different topics or topic hierarchies when these topics or hierarchies are not known in advance. It also helps to understand how documents are related to one another within a wider context.

DMS will keep on embracing the cloud, cell phones and AI and the leading companies like Eclipse Corporation are already started utilizing these technologies to create next-generation document management products. Additionally, to guide our readers about the most advanced DMS solutions, Mirror Review introduced some prominent companies in the magazine: “The 10 Foremost Enterprise Document Management Solution Providers, 2018.” As workforces keep on dispersing, it will be important that access to documents will be kept basic and simple. Employees are progressively telecommuting from home, making solid document management more essential than any time. With this quick paced and dynamic work put, cloud-based technologies enable employees to access documents and connect with others from any location in real time. Future DMS will empower business both large and small to take control of data, at last helping employees to work more intelligently, not harder.



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