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SV Health Investors new investment for development in cancer research

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Today, Cancer Research UK, in London, the world’s largest independent funder for cancer research, announced the partnership with SV Health Investors(SV), a leading life sciences venture capital and growth equity firm, which focuses on increasing the change of Cancer Research UK’s study and development of new cancer patients and medicines.

Besides the partnership, Cancer Research UK would be investing at least US $25 million in SV’s venture capital firm. SV7 Impact medicine firm is the seventh biotech focused firm which is expected to raise about US$250 million. An important component of the firm is oncology, which targets to invest in companies focused on oncology or oncology-related opportunities.

Every year, Cancer Research UK invests more than £400 million in cancer research, including through its UK of 18 core funded research centers, to move forward the transition of lab-based discovery research into the clinic for the advantage of the people affected by cancer. The key focus of the research center is that the company is turning the charity’s into successful vaccines, cancer therapeutics, diagnostics, and better technologies. Eight treatments are already available in the market with more than 30 potential medicines are in clinical development.

SV’s successful investments

SV has been investing in the biotech companies since the early 1990s and has been successful in identifying early-stage cancer opportunities and supporting the researches. Kudos Pharmaceuticals was established by Cancer Research UK and SV worked closely with the firm which resulted in the invention of olaparib, the first-class approved DNA damage response (DDR) inhibitor for cancer patients with BRCA mutations. SV also founded Artios, which focused on developing better DDR inhibitors, also based on Cancer Research UK expertise. In 2017, SV’s sixth fundraiser accomplished to raise about US $400 million, which was partially divided with 45% focusing on early-stage biotech investment, of which 66% relied on cancer research. SV7, however, is focused especially on Biotech Investments.

Developing Cancer Research UK’s innovation with this partnership will complement the charity’s existing paths, which include building spin-outs and licensing agreements with pharmaceutical companies.

“The strength of our science portfolio is unrivalled but only through working in partnership can we achieve the greatest impact. This partnership is a huge opportunity to accelerate our research and support the successful development of the much-needed treatments for people with cancer,” said Michelle Mitchell, Cancer Research UK’s Chief Executive.



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