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Sundar Pichai will Take Over the Role of Chief Executive in Both Google and Alphabet

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The passing of guard by the behemoth tech giants

End of an era as the founders of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin are stepping down from the executive position of Alphabet. Alphabet is the parent company of Google and Sunder Pichai will take over the executive role for both Goole and Alphabet. Page and Brin have been the forefront of technological innovation of the past decade and they were the two most influential people in the world of technology.

They will be remembered for, how did the search engine of Google helped Corral on the World Wide Web. Under their tenure, the company started to give perks to employees that are still talked about in the closed corridors of the corporate sector.

The company is in competent hands

Brain and page were limiting their role in the company’s operations since 2015 when they changed Google into Alphabet. The holding company has a self-driving car company Waymo under its wings. Both Brin and Page still hold the majority stakes in the company and will have a say in the company’s policies.

This decision is no surprise, as of lately, the co-founders were losing interest in running the company that they both found. Sunder Pichai will take the charge from them and move the company forward. The work culture that made Google the most sorts out company in the world ran into trouble due to poorly handled cases of indecent behavior at the workplace. Pichai silently but the cases to rest by halting weekly company meetings and restricted employees to discuss these issues on the message board.

Page and Brin would still look after the core issues of that company as board members and keep In touch with the new executive Sunder Pichai about the passion projects.



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