Suitable Cars For Older Drivers

The Most Suitable Cars For Older Drivers

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If you’re a senior driver, you may have certain requirements when choosing to lease a new car. Older drivers may find it easier to drive cars with specific features and of certain sizes; recognising this can lead to a better driving experience. 

When considering the best kinds of cars for senior drivers, several factors come into the equation. These include: Ease of access, enough space for mobility equipment, comfort, ease of driving, and safety features. In this article we will be discussing why these features are important to consider, as well as which cars fit the criteria.

Important considerations

Individuals over the age of 60 may want to consider certain factors when selecting their new lease car. Below we explain why considering elements such as car safety features can make all the difference to your driving experience.

Select a car with advanced safety features 

Older drivers may feel more at ease and benefit more from a car that has a wide range of safety features. Safety features such as: traffic sign recognition, automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, cameras, and more are highly beneficial for any driver to have. Older drivers in particular may feel more safe with a wide range of safety features that make it easier and safer for them to drive with confidence.


Deciding on the size of your new lease car is important for senior drivers. In order to feel most comfortable, safe, and accommodate your lifestyle, you’ll need to choose the right size vehicle best suited to your needs.

A compact car could be a great option for older drivers, as they may feel more secure and safe driving an easily manoeuvrable car as opposed to larger models. However, mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and buggies may need to be regularly loaded into the vehicle, in which a larger car is most suitable.  

Automatic cars 

Older drivers may benefit more from automatic cars rather than manual ones. This is because automatics are generally easier to use, as there are fewer components to them. Automatic cars are also easier to adapt for mobility purposes if necessary, as they have simpler controls. 

Below are some examples of cars that are suitable for older people based on the above considerations.

Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz is a great car for older drivers. This is due to its compact size and comfortable interior, whilst still remaining spacious and easy to drive. This makes this small hatchback vehicle a very popular option when it comes to senior drivers. 

Ford Fiesta 

The Ford Fiesta is another fantastic option for senior drivers. It’s easy to manoeuvre, has a comfortable interior, and has advanced safety features that make it a safe and easy option for older drivers. 

Vauxhall Corsa 

More on the spacious side, the Vauxhall Corsa is another ideal car for older drivers. This car is easy to drive, comfortable, and spacious. If you’re looking for a car to lease that’s on the larger side, the Vauxhall Corsa may be a great option.

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