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5 Strategies Nokia Continues to Use to Win the Smartphone Market

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Do ‘Banana’ and ‘Mango’ phones ring a bell? Nokia and mobile phones go hand-in-hand. It was this company that created a wave of mobile phone craze in the telecom market. In an era of futuristic and enhanced smartphones that lure consumers to stand in hour-long queues and spend (at most) a fortune, Nokia continues to make profits with its old-school specs and cheery handsets.

Nokia’s Latest Handsets

Image of Latest Smartphones by Nokia

Nokia’s tune with phones is simple—cheap but elegant looks and easy-to-maintain. Nokia achieved its first profitable year in 2021 with this strategy. And, it aims to continue implementing this peerless feature to date.

In its second batch of budget-friendly products for 2022, Nokia introduced latest editions of its C line range—C2 2nd Edition, Nokia C21, Nokia C21 Plus. These are super affordable handsets and tailored for those who don’t need high-end smartphones. These are cheap but cheery—especially for seniors or technophobes who are tech-zoned!

The Unhindered Budget-phone Legacy

Image of Unhindered Budget Smartphones Legacy of Nokia

Nokia’s legacy of aggressively budget-friendly phones has remained unhindered in the market for years. The company continues to use vintage strategies to win over the smartphone market.

Following are 5 strategies still used by Nokia to win over the mobile phone market:

1. Nokia wants to be “everyone’s phones”.

Budget-friendliness is Nokia’s inimitable niche. To date, it continues to be mindful of the budget constraints of its consumers by offering economic and compatible features. In an era where ‘edgy’ and ‘flashy’ features have become basic smartphone features, Nokia’s genuine and true budget phones seem refreshing.

Model: Nokia G20

2. Bringing back old school features (removable batteries)

‘Gone are those days when removable batteries were a thing’ can not be applicable for Nokia. The company’s latest smartphone series support removable batteries.

Model: Nokia 2.2

3. The OG ‘Flip’ and ‘Slide’ Features

In the era of foldable smartphones, Nokia continues to rule with its OG ‘flip’ and ‘slide’ features. Nokia made the classic flip phone a lot smarter with latest functionalities and apps. The company created a new and modern classic look, with the speed of 4G.

Additionally, it’s 8110 4G comes with a protective cover to slide open to pick calls and slide back down to end them. You can also spin the phone in ways you had never imagined.

Model: Nokia 2720 V Flip; Nokia 8110 4G

4. Targeting utility as well as accessories w colorful handsets

Nokia pioneered the facility of offering colorful handsets in smartphone history. The company’s strategy of offering economic products that can be also used as accessories remains unbeatable to date.

Model: Nokia Lumia 800

5. Android Go feature

Unlike other brands, Nokia leveraged the ‘Android Go’ feature to create a stir among mobile phone users. Using this, it abridged the barrier to entry for smartphones in emerging markets.

Model: Nokia C line range

Nokia has definitely gained the brand title of mobile phones. Although the company has endured failed strategies in the past, it continues to create a mark with its OG specs, amalgamated with latest features.

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