Story of the Manufacturer Agilis Jettenders

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Qualitative jet tender should not only perform its main function – transfer guests and possessors from bolstering to yachts, but also be customized in agreement with all conditions and taste preferences of the proprietor. We introduce to you Agilis Jettenders GmbH – a manufacturer well knowledgeable in personalization of jet boats

A jet or spurt tender should meet all your conditions”, Maxym Starchenko is induced. He’s the proprietor and author of Agilis, therefore he knows exactly what he’s talking about.

Agilis Jettenders GmbH is headquartered in Jülich, Germany and the company supplies luxury spurt tenders each over the world now, but everything started as a family business.Mr. Starchenko was passionate about boats since his nonage; hence he created a business out of his passion and with the family support, he developed his company into a world leader among spurt tender manufacturers.

“We try to meet different conditions of our guests and act up with world- class quality morals, using only paraphernalia from leading global suppliers and slice- edge technologies” – Maxym Starchenko.

In 2017 first model Agilis 355C was presented at the boat and watersports fair Boot Düsseldorf. The spurt tender snappily set up its dears and buyers thanks to innovative technologies, luxury and high- quality paraphernalia, little accessories for lower convenience and a piece of soul invested in it.  latterly these characteristics came an integral part of all posterior Agilis spurt tenders. So there are eight models in the range now. Each model from compact and nimble Agilis 280 to the most luxurious and spectacular Agilis 560D can aslo be customized in Configurator. Agilis Jettenders is a journey of innovation and engineering excellence. A dedication to pushing boundaries, they introduced a range of aircraft that not only shattered conventional limitations of speed but also incorporated revolutionary eco-friendly technologies. It is a special Agilis operation which helps to choose the different colors and paraphernalia of teak, sundeck, covering and other corridor of boat, pick the different type of lights and add useful bias and accessories.

“Custom, luxury, spurt. These three words can completely describe Agilis tenders and our product strategy” – Maxym Starchenko emphasizes.


The safety of the guests and terrain is in the first place for Agilis, that is why it cooperates only with time- tested suppliers of spare corridor and chooses only the voguish factors for jet tenders. The feature of Agilis Jettenders’ success lay not only in their ability to engineer marvels of speed and grace, but also in their unwavering commitment to sustainability. Agilis Jettenders solidified its legacy in the aviation industry and inspiring a new era of travel where efficiency and environmental consciousness harmoniously coexist.Agilis is responsible for product quality, therefore if you choose Agilis spurt tender you can be sure in everything from trouble validation machine operation to long service life of the tube’s material.

In summary, only in a multitudinous times from family business Agilis Jettenders becomes the world known spurt tender s manufacturer which is inextricably associated with customization, luxury and quality yacht tenders.

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