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The Indian stock market is full of investment opportunities. However, to earn the best possible returns it is necessary to choose the best online trading platform. Have you been looking for the best broker for trading in India? We have developed a well-researched list of the top 10 stock brokers in India. It details their exclusive features and fees.

Let us take a look!

In this article, you will read about:

  • Groww
  • Shoonya
  • HDFC Securities Ltd.
  • Kotak Securities Ltd.
  • Motilal Oswal
  • Zerodha
  • Angel One
  • Upstox
  • ICICI Direct
  • Sharekhan



Leading the pack is Groww, founded in 2016 by former Flipkart employees Lalit Keshre, Harsh Jain, Ishaan Bansal, and Neeraj Singh. Groww ranks 1st on the list of top 10 stock brokers in India. It simplifies investing with its user-friendly interface and commitment to financial inclusivity.

  • Low brokerage charge of Rs 20 per executed trade or 0.05% for Equity, Intraday, and F&O trades.

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  • Zero-commission direct mutual funds.
  • Instant online account opening.



Shoonya ranks 2nd on the list of top 10 stock brokers in India. It redefines brokerage services with its zero-commission model. It aims for inclusivity and accessibility in the financial markets.

  • Free demat account with no annual charges and lifetime zero brokerage.
  • Zero brokerage on all trading segments across all the major stock exchanges, including NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX.
  • Advanced trading tools and AI-powered insights.
  • Transparent fee structure with zero hidden costs.

HDFC Securities Ltd.

HDFC Securities Ltd.

Connected to HDFC Bank, HDFC Securities offers seamless investment experiences. Standing at 6th position among the top 10 stock brokers in India, it offers 3-in-1 accounts and diverse investment options.

  • 3-in-1 account for seamless investment.
  • Instant online, paperless account opening.
  • Competitive brokerage structure with 0.10% per trade for Equity Delivery.

Kotak Securities Ltd.

Kotak Securities Ltd.

Established in 1994, Kotak Securities offers a seamless trading experience with its 3-in-1 account and free research offerings. Ranked as 4th among the top 10 stock brokers in India, it offers:

  • 3-in-1 account for seamless trading.
  • Free technical, fundamental, derivatives, and mutual fund research.
  • Diverse brokerage plans catering to different needs.

Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal, a financial services company since 1987, stands tall at the 4th rank among the top 10 stock brokers in India. It provides curated investment options and user-friendly trading platforms.

  • Curated investment options.
  • User-friendly online trading and investing software.
  • Competitive fee structure with 0.20% brokerage charge for Equity Delivery.



Zerodha, a trendsetter since 2010, ranks 6th among the top 10 stock brokers in India. It prioritises simplicity and transparency in trading. It offers zero brokerage fees for Equity Delivery and Mutual Funds.

  • Up to 20x leverage on intraday trading.
  • Technologically advanced platforms like Zerodha Kite, Coin, Varsity, etc.

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Angel One

Angel One

Angel One currently stands in 7th position among the top 10 stock brokers in India. It boasts a user-friendly platform and a wide range of financial products and services.

  • Diverse financial products and services.
  • User-friendly trading platform.
  • Transparent fee structure with Rs 0 brokerage for Equity Delivery.



Focusing on simplifying the stock market experience, Upstox ranks at 8th position among the top 10 stock brokers in India. It offers a mixture of products and services alongside its Upstox Pro trading platform.

  • A comprehensive suite of products and services.
  • Upstox Pro trading platform with advanced features.
  • Competitive fee structure with Rs 20 per executed order for Equity Delivery.

ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct

Serving over 50 lakh customers, ICICI Direct has been ranked 9th among the top 10 stock brokers in India. It offers diverse brokerage plans and a 3-in-1 account for integrated banking and trading experiences.

  • Diverse brokerage plans.
  • 3-in-1 account combining savings, trading, and a Demat account.
  • Streamlined account maintenance with free account opening and an annual maintenance charge (AMC) of Rs 300.



Established in 2000, Sharekhan stands ranked 10th among the top 10 stock brokers in India. It offers wide investment options and research-based advisory services for both beginners and experienced investors.

  • Diverse investment options.
  • Research-based advisory services.
  • Competitive fee structure tailored to various trading scenarios.


You must choose your broker wisely. Among the top 10 brokers in India, you can choose the right one based on your investment preferences, trading style, and the features offered.

Happy investing!

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