Sorrento Acquires Sofusa Lymphatic Delivery Platform

Sorrento Acquires Sofusa Lymphatic Delivery Platform

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Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc announced that it has acquired Sofusa lymphatic delivery technology platform from Kimberly-Clark Corporation for targeted biopharmaceuticals, particularly, the immune checkpoint inhibitors (such as anti-PD-1, CTLA4, CD47 antibodies) and other I-O antibodies.

Acute treatment of migraine and Immune-Oncology (I-O) Antibody Therapeutics

The Sofusa technology consists of proprietary nano-structured microneedles designed to access the lymphatic capillaries just below the epidermis. In a recent Phase I human study, the Sofusa system has successfully demonstrated the ability to precisely tune the pharmacokinetic profile of sumatriptan to give both rapid onset and an extended treatment duration for the acute treatment of migraine.

Chief Medical Officer of Sorrento, Dr. Jerry Zeldis said that delivering higher drug concentrations via the lymphatics could provide more direct and sustained exposure to therapeutic targets known to modulate immune responses. They believe this has the potential to result in an improved safety and efficacy profile for checkpoint inhibitors and anti-inflammatory agents.  Sorrento is now well positioned to becoming a leader in the immunotherapy field and fulfills their mission to develop best-in-class antibodies for patients.

President and CEO of Sorrento, Dr. Henry Ji said that they are impressed with Sofusa’s data, where in preclinical models using immunomodulatory antibodies, the Sofusa system consistently demonstrated significantly higher lymphatic levels compared to other delivery routes while exhibiting equipotent or better therapeutic activity. They believe that the Sofusa technology could be a game changer for the delivery of their immunotherapies, including checkpoint inhibitors, biobetter antibodies, and other I-O antibodies.



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