What is the Solar Panel Price for Home and Business?

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Solar panel price starts from Rs. 1,050 to Rs. 20,250 prices may vary depending on some factors like brand, quality, type, watt, etc. as well as along with inverters and other equipment (like balance of system or BOS), affecting the overall cost of setting up solar system. Although solar panels can save your money on energy bills up to 80%.

Solar Panel Price by Type

Solar panel price can be changed according to solar panel efficiency, durability, quality, technology, and type. Those roofs who have less space need more high efficiency solar panels for power generation. Let discuss about the major types of solar panels and their prices-

Bifacial solar panel 

The Bifacial Solar Panels price in India begins at Rs. 21,750. These solar panels produce more power compared to others solar panels because they have “two faced” that’s why it generates electricity from front and back side as well. These qualities make the bifacial solar panels the best solar panel for homes or residential use because it gives more electricity in less rooftop space. 

Topcon solar panel

The Topcon Solar Panel price in India begins at Rs. 20,250.  Topcon solar panel is one of the most advanced and latest technology solar panels, these solar panels use new technology to turn sunlight into electricity well. People like them because they’re built well and better work performance. These qualities make the Topcon solar panels the best solar panel for commercial or industrial use because it gives more electricity in less rooftop space as well as in lesser time.

Monocrystalline solar panel

Monocrystalline solar panel price starts from Rs. 3,050 to Rs. 17,500. They are made of single crystalline pure silicon, that’s why it has 22% higher efficiency to generate more power. Also, monocrystalline solar panels have an average lifespan of 25 years. This is one of the great choices for residential and commercial use. 

Things that affect the solar panel price

Panel Type: Different types have varying costs.

Efficiency: Higher efficiency often comes with a higher price tag.

Installation Complexity: Roof type and setup affect installation costs.

Location: Sunlight availability impacts efficiency and costs.

Government Incentives: Subsidies and tax credits can reduce costs.

System Size: Larger systems generally cost more.

Warranty: Longer warranties may increase upfront costs.

Brand Reputation: Established brands may have higher prices.

How much money can solar panel save?

Solar panels can save money by generating free electricity or eliminating your electricity bill by up to 80%. Also, it can reduce reliance on the local grid. Some points are also considerable for savings like location, solar system size, and energy usage. On average, homeowners and business owners can save thousands or lakhs of rupees (depending on the size of solar system and electricity usage) over the solar panel system’s lifespan. 

From where to buy the best solar panel

Hope you will get basic knowledge about solar panels and solar panel price for homes and businesses. To select the best solar panels, consider reputable solar manufacturers like Loom Solar, who offer quality solar panels and other solar products. Also, look for customer reviews, warranties, and efficiency ratings. Research local dealers and compare prices. Reliable sources and positive feedback can guide you in purchasing the best solar panels for your needs.

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