Essential Software You Need Installed for 2023

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The online world isn’t the place it used to be. Heading onto the Internet or using online services unprepared is no longer recommended. If you consider yourself on the more beginner side of Internet usage, there are some tools you’ll want to get in advance. Below are some of our top suggestions for essential bits of software you should look at.



Gold and jewels may be valuable in real life, but the most valuable thing on the Internet is information. The data trading industry is big business, and plenty of people will look to get your personal data by underhanded or sometimes outright illegal means.

A VPN is a critical line of defense against this, effectively giving you and your data a mask while you’re online. Aside from allowing you to access services unavailable from your country, such as Indian streaming platforms through an Indian IP address, providers like ExpressVPN can ensure that any attempts to hack or mine your information happen nowhere near your actual data.


On the topic of security, you may have noticed that more and more services are requesting something called two-factor authentication (2FA). This can take several forms like SMS messages or fingerprints, although the most common to see is the use of authenticator apps. For most commercial services, authenticators usually aren’t strictly necessary, but where 2FA security options are available, authenticators are usually the main option.

A standard authenticator will generate a new random code every 30 or 60 seconds which can only be seen by your app and the site you’re using, meaning logins are only possible if you have your mobile device. The good news is that many companies offer these for free, like the Google Authenticator or versions from Apple or Microsoft. If you own a smartphone, there will often be an app pre-installed on it; in that case, you just need to link it to the service.


Software You Need Installed

This last tool we want to recommend is less about security and more about utility. The Internet is probably the biggest achievement in international cooperation that has ever existed, and transactions and payments are equally global. For that reason, having a system to handle payments internationally without going through bank accounts is extremely useful.

Whether you’re using the most commonly-known example of PayPal, or one of the many other alternatives, e-wallets allow for transfers and payments to anywhere in the world. More importantly, they usually handle currency conversions at the same time.

Depending on your wallet, the list of currencies and functions may also include cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. As a final note, these e-wallets are usually protected by top security features, so the biggest ones are as safe as any traditional bank account.

As you get used to the modern online world, you’ll discover various other specialist apps and software. However, the options above should serve as a good ‘starter pack.’ Just remember to always research your choices as much as possible in advance.

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