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SoFi Stadium Installed with Next-Gen Wi-Fi 6 for the NFL Fans

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The work on the stadium is still on

SoFi Stadium is the new home of Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Charger. Next NFL season both the teams will start their home games from this new stadium. The stadium will be Wi-Fi 6 enabled and the surrounding area Hollywood Park will also get the facility. The work of making the stadium ready for thousands of data-hungry fans went to Cisco, it got to finish the installation of high-speed wireless connectivity before July 2020.

Wi-Fi 6 in the next-gen in wireless networking, it is taunted to have 30% more spend than its predecessor Wi-Fi 5 which might go up to 10Gbps. The recent test concluded to check the speed of the internet in the stadium, which cloaked1320Mbps. The speed was much faster than the Wi-Fi 5 as it only recorded the speed of 938Mbps. The download speed was also up 1000% form the normal download speed which is now available in the US.

The new networking system will have much quicker speed

The new stadium will have an excess of 2,500 access points to use the new Wi-Fi services, with 4X bandwidth for everyone present in the stadium. Cisco was quite a confidence that the new system will provide better performance and can eradicate the drop out of network, with improved security and less drain of phone battery.

Jason Gannon, Managing Director of SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park said, “We envision SoFi Stadium not just hosting world-class events like the Super Bowl and the Olympics, but also setting a new standard for the fan experience through cutting edge technology that will enhance the way guests interact with live events.”

The owner of LA Ram E. Stanley Kroenke playing a major hand in the development of SoFi. The stadium will be the biggest NFL stadium in the USA. It will have the capacity to hold 100,000 fans, is bound to open in July next year



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