How to Use Social Media for App Marketing?

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Social media has become the go-to platform to market or promote any of your products or services including mobile applications. The reason behind it is that social media marketing is more cost-effective than other methods of marketing and there are so many different social media platforms that you can choose the one that suits your product or service. If you are looking to market and promote your application through social media, here are some things that you should do.

Make a Social Media Persona

Before you make any step toward actually marketing your mobile app, you should get to know the users whom you are targeting. You should make a social media persona about the audience that you want to reach, how you want to reach them, what message you want them to see, what they are interested in, and on which platform you will find the most interested people. This persona can come in handy and provide direction to the marketing strategy for your mobile app because the expectations and needs on social media are different.

Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Deciding which social media platform to use for app marketing is very important. Social media app marketing can consume a lot of time and resources, especially if you have not decided which platforms you will be using. There are so many social media platforms, some of which allow you to post photos and videos, some allow you to build a community, and others offer free chat rooms.

You will have to decide which social media platform(s) you are going to use for app marketing by finding out which social media platform the majority of your target audience is using. This can be done by research only and it is very important, as it will guide your decisions and prevent you from wasting your time and resources on the wrong platform.

Create Quality Content

Content is still the king, no matter what. To market your products, services, or mobile apps, you still have to rely on quality content. Depending on the niche of your app and the appropriate social platform you have selected, you will have to create content accordingly. You will have to provide something of value, something useful that will engage the audience and gain their attention.

Keep in mind that social media platforms are not sales platforms. You will have to focus on engaging your audience and once your audience is engaged, only then will you be able to promote your app to them. For instance, if your mobile app is a unique video chat app, you will have to gain the interest of your audience through the content that you are putting on social media. Once you have them interested, you can let them know why your app is unique.

Make a Posting Schedule

Most people are not aware of this but to get the maximum results out of your social media marketing campaigns, you will have to stick to a schedule. People on social media platforms get used to the frequency of an account posting and for this reason, consistency is an important factor that you must include in your marketing strategy for mobile apps. 

You must decide on a proper schedule for posting and stick to it for posting content. However, to decide on a proper schedule, you will have to do some research and consider the different time zones of your target audience, as well as the times your target audience is most active on particular social platforms. There is no specific schedule that will work for everyone and you will have to curate one for your own by doing research.

Analyze Insights

Don’t forget to focus on analytics to gain insights into how your content is performing and being perceived by the target audience. Not only for mobile apps but for marketing any product or service on social media, you should analyze the insights and adapt your marketing plan accordingly. If the numbers are good, you should stick with your plan and when numbers aren’t very promising, try changing the social media app marketing strategy to produce better results.

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