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Skoda adds Office-Friendly Novelty to its Newest Car Models

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Skoda has accelerated its intentions to enable a convenient and smooth drive. Along with other infotainment apps of weather, news, and personalized offers, a Calendar app has been launched. It is initially available for the compact SCALA and KAMIQ models.

A New and Beneficial App

Drivers of the Skoda SCALA and KAMIQ models can now access the Calendar App on the Amundsen Infotainment System. People can engage in personal appointments and meeting schedules from the cozy feeling of their cars. They can check on work without having to reach for their smartphones.

The novel calendar feature can be availed for the third generation of the Modular Infotainment Matrix. The app synchronizes with a Google Calendar in order to access scheduled events. It also supports conference calls, both video and audio, thus easing the workload on an office-worker. 

The Calendar App has been kept free of charge at the Skoda shop during the introductory period. Drivers can install it easily using the Amundsen Infotainment System. The year 2021 holds more glittering prospects of Skoda models equipped with third-generation infotainment systems.

Snazzy and Useful Features

Once a driver has linked a Skoda vehicle to her personal Google account, she can see an overview of her appointments. She can also create new appointments and join Skype conferencing calls. This offers a bit of respite from a worker’s hectic life.

The app also enables the Skoda car’s navigation system to guide them to the venue of a meeting. The car boasts of a permanent internet connection owing to its built-in eSIM. Thus the data can be synchronized online with other connected devices.

However, the driver is required to have a Skoda Connect Account as well as a Google Account. He must cover the data transmission costs incurred during synchronization. This can be done using a data package or a mobile data plan via Wi-Fi hotspot.

Future Endeavour

More Skoda Models besides SCALA and KAMIQ are estimated to be geared with the top infotainment systems by mid-2021. These include the KAROQ and KODIAQ SUV models, the SUPERB and SUPERB iV as well as the novel, fourth-generation OCTAVIA.

This year also brings in expectations of more features to be added to the Calendar App. Notifications and connections to a Microsoft 365 Account may be provided. Conference calls can be made using other service providers.

The Calendar App will be made available in 27 member states of the European Union. Other countries include Norway, Switzerland, the UK, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia, Iceland and the Ukraine.

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