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Sandler Partners Connects with Bigleaf Networks To Leverage SD-WAN Adoption

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Auto-detection and real-time adaptation to internet performance

Bigleaf Networks, the intelligent networking service, enhanced channel partnership with Sandler Partners, one of the fastest-growing distributors of connectivity and cloud services. Through the extended relationship, Sandler Partners Superstars and subagents are allowed to sell Bigleaf’s innovative SD-WAN technology.

With more than 9,000 expert technology sales partners — agents, VARs and MSPs who sell to thousands of small, medium and enterprise organizations across US — Sandler Partners will benefit from selling Bigleaf’s innovative cloud-first SD-WAN technology.

Sandler is ready to help partners better position Bigleaf’s key differentiators, such as:

  • Security-transparent installation.
  • Patented, intelligent software approach that auto-detects application needs and adapts in real-time to internet performance and connectivity issues, unlike traditional policy-based SD-WAN solutions.
  • Dynamic Quality-of-Service (QoS) capability to prioritize VoIP and other latency-sensitive traffic over commodity Internet.
  • Same IP failover capability to allow for uninterrupted VoIP and virtual desktop sessions while moving between circuits.

Leveraging plug-and-play SD-WAN

Bigleaf’s channel success is also owed to its unique deployment model which received 600% growth over the last three years. It allows Bigleaf to operate outside of the customer’s existing firewall with its onsite router. This allows for a worry-free installation process, enabling the customer to leverage SD-WAN intelligence across their Internet environment without the complicated setup and installation procedures that many SD-WAN vendors require.

The growing use of real-time applications such as video conferencing, VoIP, and other cloud services amplifies the need to get the most out of your internet. Bigleaf helps address this need with its cloud-first SD-WAN service. They are also addressing the work from the home market with their new Home Office solution. It gives Sandler’s partners another solid option to offer clients to help optimize their ISP performance, especially with the demands that families put on their home internet while they shelter in place.



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