Russia reviews HPE

Russia reviews Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s software used by Pentagon

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) an American multinational enterprise information technology company, compiled with a defense agency of Russia’s request to review a cybersecurity product. This product is also being used by Pentagon for their security purposes. The Russian defense agency appeals to review the product in order to let the product gain access to the Russian Market.

Report suggested that the technology giant has allowed the Russian agency to review source code for its cyber-defense software called Arcsight. This product developed by HPE is widely employed by the U.S. military sector and the U.S. private sector to secure their networks.

To sell this security software to Russian government agencies, the company has permitted the review last year. Reuters, a global news agency headquartered in London, previously reported that other U.S. technology companies such as IBM, HPE, and others had complied with the requests to expand their footprints in the Russian market. Russia will be able to find vulnerabilities in the software by reviewing the source code of the product. Echelon, a Moscow-based company that certifies whether security software complies with guidelines for various Russian defense entities such as the FSB, Russia’s intelligence service had conducted the review of Arcsight. HPE in a report shared that during this review, no backdoor vulnerabilities were detected.



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