The Role of Fairness in Bonuses: Examining Terms and Conditions

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The constant technological changes and demand for online casino services have made key players in the industry constantly change their services. There has been a significant change in the promotions and bonuses section since the early days of online casino gaming. With these changes, players can claim bonuses offered on platforms like ICE Casino Canada and play games with a head start. However, claiming these offers isn’t as direct and easy as it was back then. There have been significant changes, especially regarding the terms and conditions associated with these offers. 

While it might seem disadvantageous to you as a player, rest assured these bonus terms and conditions are meant to protect both the player and the casino. Most of the terms are written and enforced by the licensing bodies behind the gambling platform. So, if this is your first time playing at an online casino and wondering whether these terms and conditions are fair, rest assured they are fair іs long as you only play at a licensed and regulated brand. This article looks at the different types of bonuses online and tries to elaborate on what a fair casino bonus is. 

Types of Bonuses Online

There are a dime dozen casinos online. By approximation, there are more than 1500 brands you can pick from. Each of these has its unique service(s), including the promotions and bonuses it offers. Yet, despite the massive selection, all bonuses will fall under any one of the categories below:

  • Welcome bonus. This is the first of many bonuses you’ll claim at an online casino. As the name suggests, the welcome bonus is meant to ‘welcome’ you to the casino. It can be awarded in the form of cash or free spins. There are instances where the welcome bonuses are dished out as a combination of both. 
  • Free spins. Free spins are what it says on the tin; they offer you a chance to spin certain online slots for free. The free spins bonus can be awarded independently or as part of a match deposit promotion. 
  • No deposit bonus. As the name suggests, a no deposit bonus doesn’t require you to make any deposit to benefit from it. Simply sign up with the online casino to receive the bonus, which can be awarded as free spins or cash. 
  • Reload bonuses. A reload bonus is awarded in the form of cash. It is awarded to encourage players to deposit after they’ve signed up with the casino. To receive the reload bonus, you must make a small deposit, and the casino will match it with a percentage of your deposit. 

What Is a Fair Casino Bonus?

Given the sheer variety of bonuses and promotions online, you cannot expect them to be created the same. They all come with different terms and conditions. However, a fair bonus should at least feature some of the following conditions:

  • Decent bonus amount. The word ‘decent’ is relative and varies depending on one’s interpretation. However, universally, it is agreeable that the amount should be substantial enough, especially if it is being awarded in the form of a match deposit bonus.
  • Achievable wagering requirements. A bonus is not any good if redeeming or meeting the wagering requirements is an uphill task. Therefore, an online casino should come up with fairly reasonable wagering requirements. This will prevent bonus hunters from abusing the promotion while allowing casual and high-roller players to meet them easily. 
  • Expiration dates. Bonuses aren’t meant to last forever. Regardless of how ‘nice’ or ‘good’ an online casino is, all its bonuses expire. The best casinos will always endeavour to keep the validity of the offers to stay for as long as possible. 
  • Easy to redeem. Friendly wagering requirements, reasonable expiry dates, and decent bonus amounts are only half what a ‘fair casino bonus’ should be. The other half should be easy to redeem and claim. The casino should make it easy even for a first-timer to claim, redeem, and use the bonus offer. 

Where to Find Fair Casino Bonuses

This is the easiest part! Literally, all online casinos have one form of promotion or another going on. You just have to review the terms and conditions and ensure they fit your budget and gaming preferences. You don’t want to sign up with an online casino just because they offer a juicy bonus amount. Once you meet the wagering requirements, you will realize it was a mistake to claim the offer, as you cannot cash out or even use your initial deposit. 



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