Improving Internal Comms In The Remote Work Era

Improving Internal Comms In The Remote Work Era 

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Internal communication has always been key to success in business, as this is how you keep your entire workforce connected, united, and on the same page. Internal communication has become a major challenge in recent years, though, with the rise of remote work. With employees working in different places, it can be challenging to keep everyone updated and also engaged at work. With this in mind, this article will look at some of the best ways to improve internal comms in the remote work era. Hopefully, this will help to improve communications and keep your employees happy and engaged at work.

Use A Modern Intranet System

One of the best ways to keep everyone within the organization updated and united is to use a modern intranet system. Providers like Simpplr have intranet systems that can simplify internal communications by making it quick and easy to share information with employees no matter where they are working. This communication can go both ways, and employees are able to share feedback, which helps them to feel heard and valued. These systems can also be helpful for building a sense of belonging, which is something that many companies struggle with when they have a distributed workforce.

Create A Culture Of Communication

You could have the tools in place, but if there is no culture of communication, then it will be very hard to create effective communication in the workplace. This is why you need to create a culture of communication, which you can do by encouraging employees to communicate with one another, share ideas and come forward when they have issues or questions. You can also lead by example by being forthcoming with your own communication.

Be Flexible With Remote Workers

When it comes to remote workers, it is important to have some flexibility with communication styles. Some employees will want to check in with video calls throughout the day, while others will prefer a more hands-off approach with email or instant messaging. You should determine each employee’s preferred method so that they can enjoy the benefits of remote work and feel trusted.

Create A Weekly/Monthly Newsletter

When you have a distributed workforce, it can be hard to keep everyone updated and tie everything together. A weekly or monthly newsletter with updates, upcoming events, and fun content can keep everyone on the same page as well as help remote workers to feel like part of a larger team – things like shoutouts and examples of good work can also help to lift morale.

Arrange Social Events

You also need to create unity in the workplace and ensure that employees feel comfortable around one another to improve internal comms, which can be challenging in the remote work era. Social events are one of the best ways to do this, whether this is online events like quizzes or in-person social events

Internal communications can be a major challenge in the remote work era, but the advice in this post should help you to improve communications and enjoy the benefits that this can bring to both the business and employees. 

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