6 Tips to Maximize Real Estate Recruiting on LinkedIn

6 Tips to Maximize Real Estate Recruiting on LinkedIn

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When it comes to social media platforms, there’s no doubt that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the biggest and perhaps most influential. However, there are also a handful that have changed the game over the years or else carved out a niche where they’re the undisputed leader.

A good example here is TikTok, which made short-form videos an extremely popular medium. Today, aside from quirky and fun content, people also use TikTok to share tidbits of helpful information across a variety of topics. Meanwhile, LinkedIn has been known to be the platform of choice for professional networking. If you’re looking to advance your career, this is the go-to platform.

Speaking of LinkedIn, it’s also a great site for recruiters. With more than 900 million users and counting, there’s definitely a lot of visibility here for your job ads. For real estate recruiters, in particular, you’ll find that LinkedIn can offer you plenty of opportunities. The key is to ensure that you’re maximizing the platform so you can find and attract the right people.

Here are some tips to make real estate Linkedin work for you:

Ensure That Your Company Profile Is Updated

One of the first things you have to do to make the most of LinkedIn is to update your company profile. For one, it gives an impression of professionalism. In addition, a complete LinkedIn profile helps with internal searches. Last but certainly not least, it’s a way for potential candidates to get introduced to your brokerage’s mission, vision, and values at any time.

Every so often, you should check your profile page and make updates when necessary. For example, it’s a good idea to add your most recent awards and other company milestones to boost your credibility. Other notable changes that you should include in your LinkedIn profile include new leadership, your latest slogan (if you have one), and new logos.

Join Relevant LinkedIn Groups

The simplest way to recruit someone through LinkedIn is by looking within your network for someone who’s qualified and sending them an InMail. However, using this method exclusively might not be as productive in the long run because you’ll eventually run out of people to contact. To expand your search and have a bigger talent pool, you can join LinkedIn Groups that focus on real estate or even allied industries.

What’s great about LinkedIn Groups is that you already know that the members are already interested and engaged, so you already have an audience. The key is to engage meaningfully with the people within the group.

Do note that not all LinkedIn Groups allow you to post job ads. If they do, make sure to exercise caution. It’s important not to overwhelm the group with your recruitment posts or else you might be seen as annoying or pushy.

Make More Connections

The main purpose of LinkedIn is to establish and nurture professional networks, so make sure to do this as much as you can. Don’t stick to just your industry and the people you know, either, or you’ll be severely limiting your potential. Instead, try to expand your networking as much as you reasonably can. A good example here is to check out the profiles of those who went to the same school, have the same skill sets, or practice in the same area.

Still, you need to network with care. Take a look at their profiles first and see how or why you would want to connect with them and them with you. Also, take the time to customize your message. There’s a time and place for canned responses, and trying to build a professional network is not one of them.

Look for Passive Candidates

As a real estate recruiter, you don’t always have to look for agents who are actively seeking new jobs. You should also establish connections with talented individuals who are in the same role as the one you’re trying to fill. This way, you expand your pool of passive talents that you can contact whenever you’ll need to hire again. In fact, if you do your job right, you don’t even have to reach out because they’ll be the ones to contact you to look for opportunities.

Check Out What Your Competitors Are Doing

If you’re new to LinkedIn, it can be helpful to check out the competitors who you think are doing a great job. See how they’re crafting their job posts, how they engage with other brokerages, and who are the people in their network. Then, evaluate why these things work for them and how you can apply them to your own campaigns.

Keep It Simple

Finally, while you want to stand out on a platform as large as LinkedIn, it doesn’t always mean that you have to be flashy or unique. Sometimes, sticking to the basics is still the best. When crafting a job ad, for example, stay away from overly creative job titles and descriptions. Nobody will be looking for a job as a “property advocate” or some other fancy title for “real estate agent.”

It’s also helpful to check the keywords that produce the most results in the jobs directories and personal profiles of your target market. This way, when candidates look for jobs, your posts will come up as a good match.

If you aren’t using LinkedIn for real estate recruitment yet, you’re missing out on plenty of possibilities. Consider the above-mentioned tips and start building your real estate LinkedIn presence today to find the best of the best agents for your brokerage.

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