Karen Simon: A Trailblazer remolding the Real Estate Industry

Karen Simon

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Today, the real estate industry is going through the inflation stage. Inflation is having an adverse effect on interest rates as the Federal Reserve has raised the interest rate. These changes are affecting people’s ability to buy houses as well as commercial real estate properties. Moreover, sellers are not ready to reduce the prices of the properties and buyers are concerned about the increasing rates and values of real estate properties they are borrowing.

The role of astute leaders in the real estate sector has thus become very crucial to deal with these changes. Karen Simon (President and Managing Partner, Emersons Commercial Management US, LLC) is a remarkable women leader who is uplifting the real estate industry with her adroit leadership.

Three Musketeers

Emersons Commercial Management US, LLC was established in 2004 by Matt Price and Richard Webb in Dallas, Texas. Back then, Richard was a banker and real estate broker, and Matt was a CPA. They had already opened an office in Oklahoma City and managed about 7 Million Square feet of building area in Dallas. Later in 2016, when Karen joined them, they asked her to open an office in the largest city of Tarrant County—Fort Worth.

After the beginning of a new office, Matt Price, Richard Webb, and Karen became business partners. Matt and Richard went on to form a partnership with a company called Priority Properties in St. Louis in 2019 and they together formed a company named 1045 LLC. Headquartered in St. Louis, 1045 LLC has grown to manage about 100 Million Square Feet of property nationally as well as has 14 regional offices across the country.  

Tailored Services   

Presently, Karen heads Emersons Commercial Management US, LLC, in Tarrant County, It is a real estate company that provides professional property management services to Tenant-in-common-property. The services include property acquisition, sales, leasing, and management. These services can be individually tailored to allow the clients to be as hands-on or hands-off as per their requirements. The company also provides full-service management as well as construction services. Moreover, it can design a management program that suits the requirements of clients’ businesses. With advanced technologies such as the Internet and ASP software, the company provides its clients with secure, real-time access to property operating results, financial statements, and tenant information.

A Woman with all the ‘Firsts’  

Karen has an interesting career path and has achieved a lot in her life. She was the first woman to be hired into the Liberal Arts Division of Tarrant County Community College. Moreover, she was the first woman to be selected in Henry Miller—the Highest Industrial producer in Dallas, Texas in 1983, and was the first female industrial realtor in the Dallas marketplace. In 2011, Karen was awarded a Woman of Distinction by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Additionally, in 2007, Karen was named Business Woman of the Year by the State’s Women Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, she was nominated two times for the Fort Worth Star Telegram’s Newsmaker Award for Civic involvement. All these achievements are a testament to the fact that Karen is a trailblazer in creating opportunities for other women.

Handling COVID Situation

In Karen’s opinion, the COVID pandemic was a challenge. However, it did not have a severe impact on Tarrant County as it mostly affected some congested areas. For almost a year, people worked remotely. Speaking about the real estate condition, Karen adds that a lot of phases of the real-estate business came to a halt as tenants were not looking to open new locations. Instead, they were looking to retrench and give up real estate. Karen’s company, Emersons Commercial Management US, LLC, successfully survived the pandemic by working relentlessly with a positive approach.

Proactive Leadership

According to Karen, it is very important for a leader in any business to be active. While leading her business of real estate, she has to take on many responsibilities. She has to look for tenants, properties for lease, and hire people to represent their listings for sale. “A leadership role requires active participation,” adds Karen. Apart from this, she served as a director of the Boys and Girls Club at Fort Worth. Moreover, she was a member of the Advisory Board of Adrian College of TCU and a Board Member of Jewel Charity, an organization that raises money for Cook’s Children’s Hospital.

Life beyond the Cabin   

Karen is an enthusiastic leader, and she balances her life by nurturing her hobbies. She designs jewelry as an avocation and creates one-of-a-kind rings for her company called Rings from Things. Karen briefs, “I got interested in making jewelry when gold prices started increasing and for the purpose of gold value, and a lot of things were lost to the melt.”

Karen began buying pendants and pins that could be transformed into rings and started creating jewelry in 2011. She has also done shows with companies like Neiman Marcus. Apart from this, Karen spends her time with her family, especially her husband and her puppy.

Looking into the Future

Karen has appreciable future plans and she shares them with the utmost excitement. She promises:

  • Not to retire: Working is a form of mental stimulation a person needs to continue to prosper in his/her life.
  • Continue to educate herself: We always need to improve what we know as passionate leaders.
  • Follow Current Trends: Keeping with what is current makes you a successful leader
  • Clients are Priority: Putting the interests of clients before her own priorities build and grows the business

Advice to Budding Leaders

Karen shares her valuable suggestions with aspiring women leaders. With these, people will recognize your diligence-valued trait.

  • Don’t be afraid to say—Don’t Know!
  • You should be willing to find out more and challenge yourself for your growth.
  • Work harder.


As a decorated leader

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