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The 10 Real Estate Leaders in 2024 in Monaco

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Monaco, which is well-known for its glamour, elegance, and competitive real estate market, is still a global draw in 2024. It is located on the French Riviera and features some of the most luxurious houses. As a result, the city-state attracts a large number of global elites seeking extraordinary living standards.

People with refined tastes have made the real estate in this area require a very high degree of knowledge. A few businesses, representatives, and organizations have made a name for themselves by being highly skilled, creative, and supportive. This article explores the ten dominant real estate companies that will shape Monaco’s future in 2024.

Profiles of the 10 leading Real Estate Companies

Monaco offers a wide range of real estate, with businesses specializing in both contemporary apartments and historic properties. Here are 10 leading powerhouses.

Petrini Exclusive Real Estate Monaco

Petrini is a company with a focus on luxury sales and rentals that is situated right in the center of Monaco. When you visit Petrini Exclusive Real Estate, you’ll have access to exceptional homes that are often not available to the general public. They serve customers looking for lavish homes and a smooth transaction experience.

Agence des Ambassadeurs

This renowned organization has extensive expertise in renting and selling premium houses. Its team has a demonstrated track record of getting the finest bargains for its clients. They take great pleasure in their customized approach and their passion for client fulfillment.

B&C Monaco Properties

This agency is family-run with more than 40 years of expertise. They are excellent at helping customers with every step of the real estate process. From selecting the perfect home to handling the paperwork after a purchase, they are helpful. Their focus goes beyond transactions, as they also provide complete management services for individuals who want a hassle-free experience.

Caroline Olds Real Estate

This agency caters to a specific clientele looking for houses in Monte Carlo. Their specialized service and extensive understanding of the local market are their greatest assets. They provide a handpicked range of residences for sale and rent, ensuring that their clients discover the ideal fit for their lifestyle.

Carat Properties

Carat Properties provide specialized guidance in the Monaco real estate market for purchasing, selling, and renting property. The organization offers thorough, precise information in partnership with attorneys, banks, and regional authorities. Carat properties ensure post-transaction satisfaction for discerning clients through trust, excellent support, and 100% confidentiality.

Spark & Partners

Spark & Partners is a formidable force that is renowned for their discreet and individualized approach. They have lots of experience and worldwide reach with a team of 19 people spread across three offices. Their success is due to their ability to personalize services to each customer, handle multi-million dollar transactions, and discover the ideal apartment.


Dedicated to helping clients buy and rent real estate, Miells is a specialized agency nestled in Monte-Carlo. Their wide range of products meets different needs in terms of price and taste. Thanks to its vast network of contacts and persistent commitment to client satisfaction, Miells is an industry leader.

La Costa Properties Monaco

This is another family-owned agency with more than 40 years of real estate expertise. Their specialty is in luxury properties that range from expansive villas to upscale apartments.

They are well-known for their confidentiality, knowledge, and dedication to going above and beyond for their clients. Also, they still set the bar for luxury real estate.

CM Monaco Real Estate

Serving a global clientele, this dynamic organization provides investment options in Monaco. Their bilingual staff offers a wide range of services, such as market research, property sourcing, and financial and legal counsel. As a result, they serve as a one-stop shop for investors seeking to enter this profitable sector.

Solamito Properties

This real estate company specializes in real estate investments for private investors.  They guarantee access to the most sought-after properties by merging local knowledge with a worldwide reach.

Their Impact on the Real Estate Market

These are some major trends that they are impacting:

Sustainable Practices

Companies such as B&C Monaco Properties and Spark & Partners are putting more emphasis on sustainable properties and environmentally friendly procedures. This is reflected in the increase of eco-friendly developments that prioritize energy efficiency and use renewable resources.

Global Clientele

Market leaders such as CM Monaco Real Estate and Miells are serving a broader international customer base. Their multilingual workforces, marketing approaches, and emphasis on investment prospects all showcase this.


The achievements of these ten real estate firms, brokers, and agencies in 2024 are immeasurable. Not only have they been leaders in their respective domains, but they have also raised the bar for the industry in Monaco. Looking ahead, their sustained creativity and vision will ensure that Monaco remains the top real estate destination in the world.

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