RDX buys Clear DB

RDX buys Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud partner Clear DB to dominate outsourced services

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RDX continues its acquisition spree to outsource managed services for databases and applications.

RDX remains to stay the single source outsourced managed services for databases and applications. The company which is an independent provider of managed database and cloud services will purchase Clear DB soon. Clear DB, located in Plano, Texas is a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) provider that has installed and managed more than one million cloud-based databases worldwide through its software platform. Besides, DBaaS, RDX is a MySQL provider. This announcement comes on the verge of RDX’s purchase of clockwork and is part of an aggressive strategic expansion of the RDX service portfolio. Moreover, this move will further expand RDX’s Database-as-a-Service platform capabilities.

Provision to enhance the efficiency of applications

Clear DB provides cloud-based technologies and solutions that optimize the computing efficiency and utility of database applications. Its G5 software platform delivers high availability and high performance by combining cloud automation, orchestration, and monitoring, with multi-cloud and multi-database support. In addition to MySQL, ClearDB provides G5-based DBaaS services for Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Statement from CEO of RDX

The CEO of RDX Buddy Flerl stated, “RDX is well on its way to becoming the single source for companies that wish to benefit from outsourced managed services for databases and applications, deployed in any environment – on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid. Clear DB’s DBaaS platform and services are the perfect complements to RDX’s managed services.”

Statement from Founder and CTO of Clear DB

ClearDB CTO and Founder Cashton Coleman stated, “Today, Clear DB takes the next step into a bright future with RDX. As one company, we will be able to operationally standardize, support and increase the value delivered to our customers, who are interested in running their open source and enterprise database workloads in the Microsoft Azure and AWS clouds.”

Previous Acquisitions of RDX

RDX, the industry leader of remote data infrastructure services, had acquired CommitDBA, a remote DBA services provider based in Dayton, Ohio. CommitDBA was formally established in 2012 as a subsidiary of Ross Group Incorporated and focused on providing remote database administration and monitoring services to a wide range of customers across the United States.



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