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RBC Signals partners with Inmarsat for enhanced IoT Connectivity

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Key Highlights:

  • The objective of collaboration between RBC Signals and Inmarsat is to escalate firepower for the available range of IoT.
  • Inmarsat’s connectivity will improvise various parameters including spectrum, power levels, and geographic reach.
  • The collaboration between RBC Signals and Inmarsat will cover the needs of the enterprise customers.

Collaboration for Power Escalation

RBC Signals, a company famous for providing satellite data communication products along with solution has recently made a strategic agreement with Inmarsat, a British satellite telecommunication company. The motive behind the agreement is to improve the network efficiency within the IoT range for the enterprise customers. This collaboration will allow RBC signals to enhance the spectrum, power levels at large scale. According to RBC Signal’s founder and CEO, Christopher Richins, “The Internet of things applications are major area of growth for the RBC signals”. He further adds, “The demand of IoT related products and services has increased significantly. This is why, we need to increase the geographical reach, so that everyone can avail the service”.

President of Inmarsat Enterprise, Mike Carter agrees with the fact that Internet of things is viable and has upgraded the operating procedure of business industry. Mr. Carter believes that IoT will be beneficial if it is reliable, secure and scalable. In fact, Inmarsat can empower the required connectivity of IoT. According to Mr. Carter, “The agreement enables other businesses to take advantage out of efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of IoT.”

Significance of Right IoT Connectivity

A right kind of connectivity is vital for IoT and most of the time it is taken for granted. This careless attitude can have negative effects on the business. The negative effects can lead to project failure as well. To avoid these issues, we can focus on key parameters such as power consumption, bandwidth, and coverage range.

  • Most of the IoT devices are battery powered, so to maintain longevity, one needs to ensure that the network is not power hungry. Otherwise, the device will not work efficiently.
  • Make sure to choose the right coverage range and on the basis of it, one can establish perfect connectivity.
  • Choosing appropriate network bandwidth is important. A network should be able to receive and process data from different ends. So, to ensure smooth running, choose the right bandwidth.

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