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Pure Wellness Enables ‘Five-Star-Sleep’ Solution To Avoid Sleeping Disorder

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Company endorses scientifically tested environment to provide friendly bedding

Every 3rd adult in USA do not get the recommended seven hours of sleep each night, and roughly 20% of American suffer from a sleep disorder. Pure Wellness, the pioneer and leader in hotel-guest-room wellness solutions, enables their hotel partners to better serve their guests through a blissful five-star sleep.

CEO for Pure Wellness, Larry Hall notes, “Sleep represents an essential element of our health and wellness.” “At Pure Wellness, we take pride in helping our hotel partners combat the national sleep crisis by providing a select number of Pure Rooms at their property, offering a hypoallergenic environment, purified air, and allergy-friendly bedding. The elements of a Pure Room contribute to a better night’s sleep, so their guests have an opportunity to be their best – one well-rested night at a time”, he assured.

The curious case of Not-Being-Sleepy

Research has shown that sleep deficiency, or getting poor-quality sleep, weakens the immune system, impairs learning and memory, contributes to depression and other mood and mental disorders, as well as obesity, diabetes, cancer and early death. Yet, at some point decades ago, sleep fell out of favor as more and more on-the-go Americans began to view it as time better spent on productive endeavors. Culturally, it became trendy not to sleep, wearing exhaustion like a badge of courage.

Arianna Huffington and Steve Bezos who credit sleep as a critical ingredient of success. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night offers a long list of benefits, including greater productivity, improved weight management, renewed energy, and cognitive optimization and long-term health. Gone are the days of boasting about little sleep; wellness-minded consumers now brag about being well rested, fixated on their Fitbit and AppleWatch sleep metrics.

The pure experience of sleeping guest

  • Relax in an environment with the best quality air
  • Wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized
  • Experience peace of mind
  • Enhance your overall well-being
  • Allergy-friendly certified
  • Environmentally-friendly

To this end, Pure recommends the perfect morning playlist, a 20-song list curated by psychologist and musician Dr. David Greenberg, Ph.D. in partnership with Spotify, and scientifically proven to awaken the sleeper while setting a positive tone to the day.

The company’s Pure Room solution offers the wellness-minded traveler a guest room experience that promotes well-being, so they can “be their best.”



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