Prebona Disinfect Shows Long-Term Effect Against COVID-19

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99% of the virus particles are eliminated after three minutes

Independent test-institutes have confirmed that Prebona Disinfect is extremely effective against the coronavirus – SARS CoV-2, COVID-19. The tests, conducted on textiles, shows that before and even after 10 machine washes, Prebona Disinfect still eliminates 99.99% of virus particles after 60 minutes.

99% of the virus particles are eliminated after three minutes, and 99.99% after 60 minutes. Patrik Bernstein, CEO of Prebona AB in his statement says;

  • These are truly excellent results, verifying the strength in our patented technology and also proving a completely unique long-term effect on surfaces. The results confirm previous tests conducted together with the Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University. We have now proven effective against bacteria, fungus and viruses. This makes us a strong alternative and complementary solution to alcohol-based disinfectants and provides an unmatched long-term effect.
  • The current high demand for tests against SARS CoV-2, COVID-19 has resulted in these globally accepted test results being delayed by an estimated three months. This has in return impacted our business short-term due to the fact that many of our international clients and distributors demand this type of independent tests, Patrik Bernstein continues. We now have additional proof and an exceedingly convincing offering for clients and distributors seeking to protect people, surfaces and textiles against Virus, Bacteria & Fungus, in the ongoing pandemic, and for the future.

About Prebona and its process

Prebona Disinfect is a water-based solution, specifically formulated to effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses & fungi. Today’s alcohol-based disinfectants are important complementary products to infection control practices but have several known weaknesses. The biggest one being the short-lasting effect. Already after two minutes, hands and surfaces are again unprotected from microbial infection. Additionally, alcohol-based disinfectants have limited effect against many types of viruses, may cause skin irritation, and are often flammable, resulting in handling difficulties.

The product is based on Prebona’s unique & proprietary technology platform, Prebona CompoTech, allowing us to use different active components hundreds of times more efficiently and control compared to conventional technologies.

Prebona Disinfect uses silica particles, dispersed in water & surface-modified with extremely small amounts of silver nitrate as the active ingredient to achieve its long-lasting effect. Silver nitrate has been used for its disinfectant properties in drinking water purification and within Health Care for centuries and has well established and undoubted anti-microbial properties.



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