PowerApps: The Go To Business App By Microsoft

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Technology mobility personifies digitization and smartphone connectivity era. Owing to the globalization, advancements in technology and the rapid pace of life, commuting has become a necessity. This has resulted in 24/7 accessibility between employees and employers, thereby increasing productivity, efficiencies and financial growth of both. Emails, video calls, voice calls, instant messaging are a few of the rewards of the dominating smartphone technology.

Currently, there are countless apps, which are used as tools for almost every task. Right from healthcare and education to business and entertainment, these mobile applications are designed to attract the attention of users and target them as the loyal customers. The current business scenario does not involve 10 to 6 timings, hard bound paperwork and document storage rooms. Everything that was done a decade back, can now be replicated with the use of a simple smartphone app sitting anywhere and everywhere. This is the beauty of mobile technology, that renders the users’ speechless and spellbound.

It is indeed true that multinational businesses and their employees need a strong and unbreakable platform that connects them constantly. In the cutthroat race of mobile app development, mega giant companies like Microsoft are coming up with apps that can literally empower one’s business in boasting their work outcomes and financial goals. These productivity, enhanced tools can expand, flourish and survive in the Microsoft ecosystem in such a way that it feels like a second home to them.

Microsoft’s Power Offering to the Business World

PowerApps is the latest, revamped reward from Microsoft for the businesses and employees. The multifaceted and visionary company, Microsoft believes in the cloud-first, mobile-first workforce where accessibility, exchange and dispersion of data is on the top priority list. Enterprises that run on Office 365 can easily use the PowerApps tool to experience and explore the above possibilities and much more.

PowerApps entitles the user to create no-code apps within a fraction of minutes. As the name suggests, the actual power of the PowerApps is, that it reduces cost of custom app development which, in turn substantially lowers the duration from concept to creation. This application of PowerApps enables enterprises to be more nimble, lowering financial burden and room for staying updated with the business world. In a matter of few clicks, coding on mobile phones is possible via PowerApps.

Applications of PowerApps

In the company’s mobile toolkit, there exists SharePoint, which works magnificently by integrating with the PowerApps functionality. Microsoft’s latest app delivers a well-designed experience for the end users to steer effortlessly through the app. Here, PowerApps first analyzes the data using SharePoint, later suggesting options for templates and lastly generates an interface based pre-configured template. Following mentioned are few of its applications.

  • Outstanding and upgraded user experience.
  • Mobile friendly business experience.
  • Stable mobile infrastructure.

Empowering Businesses with  User Friendly Interface Components

About two decades a ago, first generation visual basics and forth generation languages like Dataflex, Clarion, Clipper & Forte offered a link between mainframes and minicomputers and the desktop computers. These modes of languages aided programming developers in designing client-server applications, which revolutionized the business workflow and empowered their outcome. PowerApps offers a platform of interfaces to build desktop as well as mobile interfaces in a short span of duration. Since, they are designed on iOS and Android, individuals are not required to download apps from app stores as well as do not require IT’s approval for running.

Linking Code to the Back-End Systems via Connectors

PowerApps comes with handy connectors that not only connects with Microsoft services, but also with other mainstream platforms like cloud and on-premier systems. There is a wide range of connectors available in the market like Amazon Redshift, IBM DB2 and Salesforce, which on premium subscriptions, along with Office 365 or Dynamics accounts, offers the above services. However, PowerApps offer basic solutions with limited resources to set up a working ecosystem.

In short, PowerApps is a state of the art, well thought of application platform for strengthening businesses and establishing startups. With this app, developers are given a room to sail over the basics and rather focus on design and creativity.



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