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Plyzer Introduces Innovative Personalized Recommendation System for E-Commerce Affair

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PRS will enable users to meet new and better product recommendations

Plyzer Technologies, Inc., a provider of custom, real-time, cloud-based business intelligence solutions for brands – PLYZER has built a Personalized Recommendation System (PRS) using its proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology.

Automotive eCommerce business is taking advantage of user history to create best shopping experience and maximize revenue. Using platform, online shoppers look for their desired products are directed to the lowest priced sales channels, enabling them to buy a product at the best possible price. PRS functionality aims to add a critical function to Plyzer platform. Here’s how consumer can discover their new experiences through PRS:

Targeted recommendation:

PRS will recommend parapharmacy and cosmetic products based on consumer’s history and interest. The system helps to inform better to users of all online stores that have the product they are looking for, in a totally objective way.


Using artificial intelligence, Plyzer compares around 245 pharmacies with more than 10,000 products and finds the best price for each product, achieving savings that sometimes exceed 85%.

Substitute products:

Consumers are able to see other recommended substitute products. If a product cannot satisfy the customer need, PRS allows to choose other products that can be used for the same purpose.

These personalized recommendations add value for Plyzer users, alerting them to real-time alternatives and additional savings. “Our team continues to work on developing innovative technologies that will benefit our customers and the Plyzer ecosystem,” said José Evelio Martínez, head of Artificial Intelligence.

The collected information from these recommendations provides selected information and useful insight into the behavior of consumers who purchase products online. This allows brand and sales managers using the company’s B2B platform, Plyzer Intelligence, to make better decisions on how to market and sell their products.

Luis Pallarès, CEO of Plyzer Corporation, shared, “The Plyzer Personalized Recommendation System connects the dots between two important Plyzer Initiatives: B2C App and the Plyzer Intelligence B2B Solution. The shared insights and streamlined recommendations will enhance the buyer/seller relationship to the mutual benefit of both online shoppers and brand managers.”




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