Play Before you Decide to Stay

Play Before you Decide to Stay

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If you’re new to bingo, online gaming, or online casinos, you may be surprised to see how many sites and games there are for people to play. You may have noticed the number of incentives offered by them as well. These may have swayed your decision to join a site, which is no bad thing. But how do you know which one is the right incentive for you to choose?

What’s being offered?

As a newbie, you may find there are several offers all aimed at you. These include free goes of a game upon sign-up, such as free bingo at Paddy Power. Some sites even provide a welcome bonus for newcomers. Whatever the incentive is, and whichever one you decide to pick, reading up on the rules and terms and conditions beforehand will help you decide whether the offer’s right for you. Typical details include what time the free bingo game is being held, how to play it, and the type of prizes you can win. 

Some rooms are geared for newbies to get to grips with games they’re unfamiliar with. They get to play with others new to the game, just like them and can perfect how they play in the process. Some rooms cost pennies to play in, which is good for anyone that’s new to online bingo and doesn’t want to make too much of an investment.

Those of you that have been at a site for longer aren’t forgotten, either. Sites work hard to keep you interested in playing in them. This could be by introducing new games, or new rooms. There will often be offers such as referring a friend and birthday promotions, which always make the birthday person feel special according to e-commerce Fastlane. Some even have special members-only offers, such as invites to a room if you’ve got an exclusive type of membership. Just like with newbies, it’s always worth reading the terms and conditions of any offer you’re interested in before you decide whether to accept it.

Other Incentives

There are other ways gaming operators can provide their customers with incentives to play and that’s by offering special games regularly throughout the day, such as happy hours. Paddle comment that incentives are great for maintaining customer retention. When games in certain rooms are played during these hours, players know something special is usually going down. This could be bigger cash prizes or prizes being won more regularly. 

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, check which sites tend to run happy hours, when they are typically played, what prizes can be won and how you can join playing. When you know all of this, you’re able to decide which one’s right for you.

Some sites offer cashback, which could be triggered by spending a certain amount to play a game, or by playing another game, including spinning a cash reel. With this, if you’ve spent a certain amount, you’ll be offered a free spin on a cash reel, with the guarantee of a cash prize. 

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Gaming operators are constantly looking for new ways to keep people interested in playing at their sites. This is good news for players as everything is geared towards their benefit. From the ease of use of games to having a variety of games available, gaming operators have several different departments all working to achieve the same goal of keeping you around. The happier their customers are, the busier they’ll be, so it’s a win-win for all.

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